How to get the Spotify widget on Android again

by Kelvin
Cómo volver a tener el widget de Spotify en Android

Have you lost sight of the Spotify widget after the last update? Your mobile is not bad, you just have to know that the company has decided to stop supporting widgets on Android and they are no longer available. It is something that has been implemented globally, so there is no way to reverse it. If you are a user who needs to have this widget yes or yes on your home screen today we have very good news for you. There is a Very interesting alternative to the official Spotify widget found on Google Play Is about Spot widget and you can imagine the function it will have on your device.

Widgets have not been a concern for Google in recent years. The company has not added any news for them and the developers have not invested too much time in improving them. This does not mean that there are not millions of people around the world who continue to use them.


So you can have a functional Spotify widget on Android

Spot widget It will be one of the most interesting applications for you if you are a fan of the Spotify widget. It is an app that replicates this widget and installs it on your device. You just have to accept the permissions that you ask for everything to work perfectly and in a transparent way. You will not have to configure anything or perform steps of any kind. Just install the application, accept the permissions and enjoy your new Spotify widget on Android.

So much simplicity has a cost and unfortunately we are not facing a free application. SpotWidget is paid and you will have to disburse 2.29 euros If you want to have it on your device. You only have to do it once and you can enjoy this widget forever. If you currently pay the subscription Spotify premium This month you will be paid a little more for it to access the widget.

We know that paying for a function that was free until a few days ago is not something you want to do. Still, you still have the option of using the Spotify widget For a small and single outlay. In addition, you make sure that everything will work perfectly and automatically.

SpotWidget - Puts Android back into Spotify! SpotWidget - Puts Android back into Spotify!

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