If you are a worried Pokémon trainer, you will know that there is a new event underway. It comes as a prize for completing a global challenge among all Pokémon GO players, and will take place for no less than three weeks. A time to get all kinds of bonuses and resources to help you in your adventure as a coach. Of course, what can attract your attention is getting new Pokémon Unown. Specifically those that mimic the letters U, L, T, R and A that give name to this event: ultrabonus.


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Well, there is a formula for getting them. Although you will not like it if you are lazy or sendentario. And is that you will have to walk a lot to get some or all of these Unown Pokémon, since they can join your pokédex when hatching Pokémon eggs. But be careful, not just any kind of egg, only those of 10 kilometers. So Niantic wants to make you sweat during these three weeks to complete the word ULTRA with these Pokémon. Of course, there is a trick because during these weeks there is a double efficiency bonus in Pokémon incubators.

At the moment there has been no trick or strategy to be done with them. So you will have to collect pokemon eggs in the poképaradas of your environment and wait to be lucky that any of them is 10 kilometers. That is to say, the purple ones. It is also possible to receive them by opening a gift from a friend. Keep it in mind to be especially generous with sending gifts in the coming weeks if you want to receive them in return.

Pokémon GO

Of course, this does not ensure the presence of a Unown when opening the egg after walking 10 km. As always, the luck and the randomness of the process will have to do with the result of hatching. And we can find any Pokémon in the egg. Although the presence of these Pokémon Unown U, L, T, R and A will only be noticeable in the first week of the ultrabonus event. That is to say, between day 2 and September 9.

Your best asset in this case is to have more than one incubator. You can get them by buying them at the game store or if you complete Professor Willow's tasks, or as special rewards or gifts. In this way, if you get several purple eggs of 10 kilometers you can take a unique great walk (or several) until the distance is completed. And so open all available eggs at once. Something that will save you time, patience and lots of energy.

Of course we advise against any type of application that misses the location of your mobile disrupting the GPS parameters of the mobile. As it has been shown recently, Niantic, creators of Pokémon GO, have been put to work to prevent those who use this type of traps continue to enjoy the game. That is why there has been an important round of bans and expulsions in recent weeks around this issue. So you better be legal and walk a lot to get all the Pokémon Unown in Pokémon GO.

Extra rewards

Keep in mind that during the ultrabonus there will be extra rewards to distract us by performing other tasks. The most important is the arrival of the Pokémon Jirachi. It is achieved after overcoming the special tasks that will be unlocked these weeks in Pokémon GO through Professor Willow. In addition, they will appear again Legendary Pokémon and variocolor Pokémon, in addition to the regional, in different incursions.

Although the important thing in the case of Pokémon Unown is the bonus of double the efficiency in the incubators during these three weeks of the ultrabonus. That is, it will not be necessary to walk the 10 km of each special egg to hatch it, but only 5 km.

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