Niantic has revealed a new notification this morning in Pokémon GO, where users and coaches will see new tasks to be performed. Professor Willow has no limit and both Spark and Blanche and Candela have been helped to discover new features in the game. It has also been reported that Jirachi is arriving


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During this week, in Pokémon GO, there will be a lot of stellar powders. Since yesterday, August 13, until next day 20 (1 PM in PDT schedule) you can get triple the stellar dust. But these are not the only novelties, because the powders to hatch will also be multiplied by 3 and if you win a raid you will receive 3000 units of stellar dust. It is an event that will allow us to make a lot of progress in the game, because even the star pieces will last an hour.

Pokémon GO fills with stardust for a few days

You are going to make a lot of stellar dust if you take advantage of these days to go outside. It is a good time for go hunting Pokémon Because stellar dust is everywhere. Some trainers say that up to 14250 of star dust can be achieved with a simple capture. They are also reporting experience gains of up to 2660 XP, with 100 experience points per Pokémon, 500 experience points for the first catch of the day, 2000 streak bonus, 10 curveballs and much more.

But without a doubt, the best of all is that Jirachi is going to reach Pokémon GO in the form of Ultra Bonus. Jirachi is the Pokémon of dreams, one that only wakes up for 7 days every thousand years and this time it will be in Pokémon GO so you can complete the Pokedex. It is very difficult to get and will soon be in the game.

Jirachi can be hunted in Pokémon GO

We already knew that Jirachi would arrive at Pok√©mon GO upon hearing of this year's Pok√©mon GO Fest but the game already includes in the code filtered phrases such as: ‚ÄúWhen the mythical Pok√©mon wakes up, it will grant you all the desires written in your head‚ÄĚ or others like ‚Äú Surprising! We have met the psychic type Pok√©mon Jirachi. ‚ÄĚ As well in the game archives there are phrases that suggest that Jirachi will be available very rarely in the game because phrases such as: ‚ÄúIt has been a unique experience in life. Jirachi only wakes up once every thousand years. ‚ÄĚ So you know, take advantage of these days to see if you get Jirachi or Unown who will also be around the game soon.

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