How to give a book Kindle in Amazon: surprise someone with an ebook

by Kelvin
How to give a book Kindle in Amazon: surprise someone with an ebook

Amazon just announced today an important novelty: it is already possible give books Kindle to another person. Do you want to know exactly how the service works? Well, that's what we're here for: to explain step by step what you have to do if you want to have a detail with a well-known lover of reading. Continue reading.


How to give a book Kindle in Amazon

It seems a lie but with the amount of options you have Amazon I still didn't have one that allowed give books Kindle. The e-commerce giant however has finally remedied this, announcing that it is already possible to buy e-books for its Kindle and give them directly to another person.

Users of the platform can thus acquire the ebook they want and send it to the recipient (or recipients) they want with a personal message through the so-called function “Buy for others” which appears as of now on the book purchase page Kindle. Remember that this format can be read both in the Kindle of Amazon -the e-book readers- as through the application (free) Kindle, which also allows you to read titles on both phones and tablets – it is compatible with both Android and iOS, just in case you ask.

Do you already have someone in mind who you would like to surprise with this gift? Well, take note of the steps you should follow To acquire and send a book to someone:

  1. Go to the book store of Amazon, and enter the section Kindle -You can also directly enter a book and choose the format, go.
  2. Choose or search for the book you are interested in and click on it.
  3. Once inside the book tab, make sure that the format “Kindle”And then look in the right column.
  4. You will see that under the options of “Buy with one click” and send to a device, you will now find a box with the “Buy for others” section. Choose the quantity (you can buy several at once for several people) and press "Continue".
  5. It will ask you to add your credit card information. Enter them and press "Continue."
  6. You will see that it is requested that you add the email of your recipient (although if you do not, you will receive an exchange link that you can give on your own), that you include a sender and a message (optional). If there are several recipients, you will have to include them all in the same data box (also if you do not, you will receive the corresponding exchange link to deliver it as you wish). You have a screenshot just below.
  7. You only have to click on "Process order" and voila.

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You should keep in mind that only recipients in Spain you can redeem these books Kindle and that if you have a promotional code or gift voucher, both are valid to be used in this purchase, before processing the order. Little else we have to explain here. You only have to choose well and surprise someone. Happy shopping

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