How to have a SIM in my cell phone with my DGT

by Kelvin
How to have a SIM in my cell phone with my DGT

Leaving your wallet at home and having all the necessary documentation on a cell phone is an advantage, and that's why we will make it happen. The DGT application is now available to have our SIM wherever we are

Today we can make payments with our mobile devices without having to carry physical money or even our credit or debit cards. Legally, at least in Spain it is mandatory for them more than 16 the year is correctly identified with DNI.


So far, if we have a license, but we don't have it, The Civil Guard of Traffic can sanction us with 10 euros. and the obligation to present it at the police station. This is history, because the DGT application is now available where we carry all the information about our vehicle, such as ITV, driving license or even technical files, if available digitally.

In addition to all this information, the registration of our vehicle appears next to the environmental label that fills our vehicle, even if we do not have it, we can request the environmental label of our vehicle online. If we focus specifically on our SIM, Our photo, our name and finally the points we have will appear.

How to have a SIM in my cell phone with my DGT 2

This digital driving license is as valid as the physical format. We must continue to carry ID ourselves

To have your SIM in your cell phone, we must follow the following steps:

  1. Download the My DJP (Early Access) app for Android. Currently not available for iOS.

download it

  1. We have to take into account that it is not a final application, but an older version, so we could find an error or close suddenly. So we will choose the language where we want to use the application and click "continue".
  2. Then, we will be able to find out what we can do now with the application, what we have said before and what we can do in the future, such as paying fines or carrying out procedures in the DGT. Once we have finished consulting the information, click "continue".
  3. We will accept the terms and conditions of the application by pressing "Accept and continue"We will click"Access with electronic identity Cl @ ve"
  4. Then, we will be shown different options to access our data as they are Cl @ ve PIN, electronic and permanent ID Cl @ ve.

Image - How to have a SIM in my mobile with my DGT

  1. Any of the methods mentioned above will be valid to access our data and, therefore, you will have a SIM on a mobile device.
  2. If you decide to access through Cl @ ve PIN, we recommend that you download the application, so that the application sends it directly through the PIN notification necessary to access.
  3. If you are not registered with one of these methods, it could be The easiest option is to access through "permanent Cl @ ve".
  4. In order to access through the "PIN Code" we have to go to the Social Security branch, where they will register us in the system.
  5. After logging in, at the top of the application, we can click where it says "See my card"

Image - How to have a SIM in my mobile with my DGT

  1. When pressing, we will be shown all the data shown on our SIM and, to see the opposite, we have to swipe from left to right, where they will be shown our various permits and their validity dates.

Image - How to have a SIM in my mobile with my DGT

At this moment, as we have told you, this is a beta application, although it is possible carry a SIM on your cell phone. This is only available on Android, although it's most likely in the final version found in both app stores.

What about the possibility of carrying your SIM on your cell phone? Can you access it?

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