How to have all your tickets, tickets and tickets on Google Pay

by Kelvin
How to have all your tickets, tickets and tickets on Google Pay 1

IOS users are exceptionally helpful in storing and managing all tickets, tickets, boarding passes, and in short, almost all accesses that include barcodes: Savings book This is a very useful application. In Android we don't have a powerful tool, but Google Pay You are on the way: in addition to saving bank cards and loyalty cards, it is also possible save when you travel with Pay. Not only that, Pass2Pay seemed to be doing Google Paybook Android Passbook.

How to carry your boarding pass on Android without installing anything. We show you how you can take your boarding pass on your Android smartphone without installing the app.


The application we are talking about is the latest appearance and is equipped with ideas to fill the gap that Google Pay currently has. Thanks for Pass2Pay It is possible to add a ticket or a ticket that includes a barcode as well as a QR code. You can even add Google Pay to Savings book format file; complete it with the original functionality of the Google payment system.

With Pass2Pay you will get Google Pay in an Android notebook

In the absence of a Google solution that combines all the tools in your payment system, the application we are discussing can fill in the blanks perfectly. Easily installed from the Internet Google Play StoreIt is completely clean and only obscured by a few ads. Here it works as it should: take a photo of any code entry and you will have it in Google Pay.

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As simple as that. That you have a movie ticket, store refund code, tickets downloaded in Passbook (.pkpass) format… No problem: take a picture of the code or open file with Pass2Pay, and this application will take care of passing a pass to Google Pay applying the correct format. You can even open PDF files to identify the code and combine them automatically, this works very well.

With Pass2Pay Not only does it save time, but it will also manage all your entrances and access in one place: Google Pay. This way, and when you use each ticket, you don't have to worry about finding where the ticket is – just open Google Pay and find it.

Pass2Pay solved the deficiencies of Google Pay forcefully place multiple ads. Of course, it is possible to remove it and collaborate with the developer, if you pay in-app purchases 2, 99 euros. You can follow the development of the application in the XDA developer.

How to have all your tickets, tickets and tickets on Google Pay 1 Pass2Pay Version: Author: Requires INSTALL Installation size:

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