How to improve internet's speed

by Kelvin
How to improve internet's speed

No matter how many megabytes you have hired, there will always be times when we notice that the internet speed has been reduced. Sometimes the change is very noticeable, interfering with the reproduction of videos. There are methods to streamline our internet connection, simple steps you can do for yourself. I'm techno It will teach you how to do it.

The advice we will give below are general; They are valid for any type of internet connection. To start, what you must first do is a Speed ​​Test, which you can do from your computer’s browser. Important: When you do, try to make only your PC connected to the network. This way you will get the correct values.


When you're done with the speed test, Compare the result with the megabytes you have hired in your internet plan. Surely, you will notice differences. Write down the result on paper so that, after following the steps we will take, you can notice the change in connection speed.

1st Restart your modem to reset its settings

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In many occasions, the modem usually "eat" part of our internet speed. This occurs when your configuration is altered., something that is usually common. A power outage, for example, can affect its normal operation. Even a heavy storm can cause changes in your configuration.

To have a perfect operation, restart your modem every week to restore its correct configuration. If you have been through a power outage, you must restart your modem instantly.

All devices, regardless of the internet provider, have a power button. To restart you just turn off the modem, wait 30 seconds and turn it on again.

You can also call your internet company to have them do it for you from the terminal. Take a new speed test when finished.

2nd If it's for games, don't use WIFI

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Since the existence of WIFI, the vast majority have stopped using cables to connect to the internet. It has its advantages, of course, but this affects the connection speed. There is always interference and the distance to the device is one of the factors to consider. If you are going to play online, try not to use it via WIFI.

What is advised is that you use cable connection. Most modems have rear inputs so you can connect your devices. With that simple step your internet speed will speed up.

The same advice works if you use a router. Using cables instead of WIFI, in this case, is much better. Routers suffer the most interference, whether by microwave or mobile phones.

3 ° Clean your PC and mobile

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The internet speed you can receive also depends a lot on the status of your device. Be it a computer, a tablet or a mobile phone, viruses or malware slow down connections. You have to clean them monthly so that there is nothing in the way that prevents your internet from running like lightning.

exist many free antivirus that you can download to clean your computer or phone. We recommend you Avast, because it provides great protection while browsing the internet. It also has a premium plan, which they can check and see if they need that extra protection.

In the case of Malware, the best program you can install is Malwarebytes. It is also free and has a paid version, only for demanding. Your list is always updated, so there is nothing that escapes you. It even has an app for the Android system.

Finally, install Ccleaner on your computer. It is responsible for deleting any remaining files and clearing your browser's cache. In its latest version it incorporated the detection of malwares.

4 ° Check the status of your internet cables

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This is advice that the Internet operators themselves usually give. Over time the cables break down, as the sun and rain wear them out. It can also happen that your pet accidentally damages them. All this causes you to lose internet speed, receiving a speed well below the contracted plan.

Some internet connections need you to install filters for normal operation. You can get these at any store, or request a replacement from your internet company. Just tell them that you have done a speed test and that the values ​​were very low.

Of course, if you have a fiber optic cable immediately you will notice that it is damaged. Minimal damage causes all speed to be lost. When this happens you should call the technician, who should change all the wiring. No, there is no way to join a fiber cable.

5th Use TCP Optimizer 4

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To specifically improve the internet connection of our computer there this free program. TCP Optimizer 4Once installed, it offers the best configuration for our computer, do not miss anything. Just place the speed you have hired and instantly the software takes care of making the necessary changes.

TCP Optimizer is compatible only with Windows, both its version 7 and 10. Although there are many online tutorials on how to improve the internet connection manually, not everyone is encouraged to do so. In addition, if you can save time and have security in what is done, much better.

When you finish doing all these steps we gave you, try your internet speed again. Compare the last result with the first one you've done. Do you notice the change?

To close, one last tip: when you hire an internet plan, try to be from a company more or less close to your home. Distance is another factor that consumes speed, not that internet operators steal from you.

Example: If you hire 50 megabytes, it is normal for you to receive 40 or 35 megabytes. Something will always be lost in the tour. If you receive only 10 megabytes, or the company is far away or you have a technical defect. If it comes first, change companies immediately.

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