How to improve my social media security?

by Kelvin

Attacks and hacks are not exclusive to famous people or renowned institutions, all Internet users We are exposed to suffer them. Because of this, we are going to show you some tools that networks social They have available to their users and they will help you stay safe.


Two factor authentication

How to improve my social media security? 5

Also known as Verification or two-step authentication, is a tool that you can find in most social networks, as well as in email accounts or internet services.

Its function is add a cap from security additional at the time of logging in, so now, instead of just entering your password, you must also confirm your identity with a alphanumeric code that is sent to you phone mobile and that guarantees that only you can access your account.

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Create passwords difficult to guess

How to improve my social media security? 6

One of the most common mistakes when creating a password is that, in the eagerness not to forget us, we put extremely simple passwords, which makes it easier for people who know us well to access our profiles without major complications, and Failing that, people who know how to discover passwords do so quickly.

Making use of numbers, letters, special characters and a good length will make your password much more secure and complex to decipher. There are even some tools that help you with this process, such as Autofill that we can find on devices with iOS.

Do not reuse your passwords

How to improve my social media security? 7

Virtually all the sites we visit have the option of creating a profile, so in the effort to make our lives easier we end up reusing the same username and password in all networks.

A practical idea, yes, but that can also be very risky because if they violate an account, they will all violate. It is advisable to have a different password, for each of the sites where you have a personal account.

Do not click on doubtful links

How to improve my social media security? 8

Finally, you have to pay close attention to the links you click.

Whether on social networks like Facebook or Twitter, or emails, or even in some apps, if you see a link that does not give you confidence and for some reason you open it, it is preferable that you immediately change your password.

Take into account what has been discussed in the previous points, and use tools such as two-step verification to increase the security of your accounts.