How to improve the security of your iPhone so it can’t be jailbroken

by Kelvin
улучшить безопасность iPhone, чтобы его нельзя было взломать

Settings you always had to tweak

In the following sections, we’ll take a look at what are considered the basic settings you need to set to keep your iPhone secure. In fact, you probably already have these settings, but we recommend checking them out just in case.

Sign in using your Apple ID

Account availability Apple on iPhone is required to download apps, sync apps to iCloud, and more. However, in terms of security, it is also important that you are logged in, as this requires you to know your password in order to be able to perform certain operations on the iPhone. You can even block it remotely if it’s lost or stolen.

You can check if you are logged in with your Apple ID by going to “Settings”. At the top, when you open this panel, you will be able to log in if you have not already started it. If your name and photo appear, it means that you are logged in, so in this sense you can rest easy.



Install the best security code

Creating a more secure security code (worthy of redundancy) is also important to keep your iPhone more secure. In fact, this will be important if you later want to add a face or fingerprint using Face ID or Touch ID. How can we make it safer? Well, you have two options: he has 6 digits or that alphanumeric password

You can change all of this in Settings> Face ID / Touch ID and Code. In this section, you must click “Change code”, after which the appropriate options for setting a new code will appear on the screen. It is also a good idea to make sure that you have checked the options as to when the code will be requested, as this will also make it more secure.

codigo iphone

Configure biometric sensor

Whether it’s Touch ID on an iPhone with a Home button or Face ID on the latest models, it’s important that you have one set up to be more comfortable when performing processes such as unlocking your device or making payments with Apple Pay… Apart from this, it also provides a certain level of security to the device.

Going to Settings> Face ID / Touch ID & Code, you can set up a face or fingerprint that will only be stored on the iPhone. In other words, it will not be uploaded to the servers. Apple and therefore safety will be ensured. You can even set up more than one face or fingerprint, but we recommend that if you allow another person to be added, make sure they are trusted.

Touch ID iPhone

Enable two-factor authentication

After all, aside from long codes and other settings, if there is anything that makes an iPhone or any other device or digital instrument more secure, it is the fact of having double check. In the environment Apple there is this security method that will require the introduction random 6-digit code to access your Apple ID.

This code is sent to another device where you are logged in with the same ID Apple ID or, otherwise, by SMS or phone call to the number of your choice. To do this, you need to go to Settings> Your Name> Password & Security and then click Activate Two-Factor Authentication. Once there, you must choose a trusted phone number (it can be yours), to which the code will be delivered, if at the time of sending the code you have no other available devices Apple…


Other settings to improve your privacy

There are other settings that also serve to some extent to improve your security and especially your privacy. They’re important as well, although their absence won’t really affect whether your iPhone can leave any vulnerabilities open.

Don’t install untrusted profiles

Traditionally, the most popular profiles in the Ios environment belong to beta testers. This allows iPhones with this profile to receive beta updates for future iOS software releases. However, there are other profiles that have not been developed. Applewhich can also be installed on the device.

The most common are those that track how you use your device for a specific purpose, which doesn’t always have to be negative. For example, if you are involved in any market research, they may require it. And we insist that this is not necessarily a bad thing, but in the end it can affect your privacy.

elimination of beta version of ios 15 perfil iphone

Whereas there are other profiles of dubious origin, such as those that promise to install certain tools that are not available on iOS in the usual way, it would be most reasonable not to install them. And if you are determined to do so, we always advise you to carefully read the terms and conditions to be sure of the purpose of the specified profile. And if you already have it installed, just go to Settings> General> Profiles and delete it if you like.

If you don’t want them to see your notifications

The fact that the person next to you on public transport, or even the rest of your household can see your notifications, may be the least controversial. It’s pretty clear that if you receive a certain message or the like, it’s something private, and even if you have a security code set up, anyone else can see it, even when the iPhone is locked.

To change this, you must go to Settings> Notifications and enter the appropriate settings for each app. Specifically, you should look at Show Preview and select Never or If Unlocked. If you choose the former, you will not see any preview, while with the other option, you will display on the lock screen that you have a notification from the specified application, but its contents are not displayed if the iPhone is not unlocked.

iphone notifications

Login with Apple

This system, known by its English name “Login with Apple”, Was presentedApple in 2018 and allows you to securely log into certain websites or applications using its security standard. Surely you have ever seen a tool that allows you to log in using Google or Facebook and it works in a similar way.

Apple creates a random email account that is associated with your original email address, but is encrypted in such a way that they have no way of associating said account with yours and thus avoiding tracking, spam, and even the sale of your personal data third parties.

How to improve the security of your iPhone so it can't be jailbroken 2

Your iPhone usage is also important

After all, besides adjustments, an important requirement is the rational use of the device and always try to prioritize common sense. At the end of the following sections, we will tell you which aspects to always keep in mind in order to avoid serious problems.

About updates

While updating the iPhone ultimately doesn’t stop being something to do with settings as it’s actually done from Settings> General> Software Update, the truth is that it’s something that ends up being completely it depends on you. Understandably, in many cases, when a new update comes out, you can’t or don’t want to update it because it requires a certain installation time during which you won’t be able to use the device.

And apart from functional or aesthetic innovations, iOS updates always contain important security fixes that protect the device from potential malware. This is where the fact that the latest version of software is always available becomes critical, so if you want to be careful, it is advised, whenever possible, to always update your iPhone when new versions are released.

Refresh iPhone

Always browse safely

This is another fundamental aspect that we can ascribe to common sense, namely that the safe operation of the Internet in many cases depends on ourselves. Always try to access secure websites whose URL precedes “https” (“s” is an abbreviation for “secure”). If at any time you receive a warning that the site is unsafe, do not ignore this message and do not try to access the Internet if you are not one hundred percent sure that it is reliable.

As far as the browser goes, there are a lot of them, and all of the ones in the App Store may be valid. Anyway, Safari is one of those that guarantees more security on the iPhone as it is native and includes security fixes with every update, as we mentioned earlier, in addition to being one of the fastest in the iOS environment.

beta safari

Beware of phishing

Phishing is known as a series of increasingly common methods by which cybercriminals try to impersonate an individual, be it a person or a company. Of course, there are tactics that are very poorly performed, but there are also tactics so sophisticated that they can deceive you.

The most common e-mail messages that represent a company (usually banks), which usually say that the account is locked or something similar, and asking you to enter personal and billing information in order to unblock it. We also see similar problems in messaging companies and even in the Apple…

seguridad mac safari

As we speak, there are cases where it is clear that this is a scam, but in cases that are more in doubt, it is important to be vigilant. You must clearly understand that no bank or itself Apple will not contact you in this way if there are problems with your account, and even more so will not force you to enter your data in this way. Do not trust the domain of the specified mail either, as sometimes it is disguised and can give the impression that it was issued by an official person. If in doubt, always check with the listed company to make sure and above all not to include links that direct you.