How to improve the sound quality in Windows 10

by Kelvin
How to improve the sound quality in Windows 10

While they may not be considered necessary, especially in a corporate environment, they have gained a lot of importance today. The main reason for all this is that at the moment we are using PC , in addition to work, for leisure. Consequently, more and more users are choosing to purchase or use increasingly powerful components for both audio and graphics.

Improving the sound quality in Windows 10

This becomes especially important if we are going to watch movies and TV shows on the PC. play games , streaming content on the Internet, etc. But we have to consider not only the hardware components as such, but we also have to consider the software that we use to do it all. In fact, and because of its widespread use, software developers increasingly care about everything related to multimedia content. This includes, how could it be otherwise, Microsoft himself and him Windows 10).


Windows 10 offers features to improve PC sound

And you should keep in mind that, as you already know, more and more videos are being played and more and more music is being listened to from computer myself. To this we have to add the use of this content created by video editing applications, games, etc. This makes users more than a few years ago to worry about getting better playback quality for the same. This applies to both the image and the sound itself. For this we usually use programs from Cody or VLC , among many other players.

Loudspeaker Cody

As we mentioned earlier, there is a lot of work here with the hardware of the hardware, but it depends on more than that. The quality of the sound card we have, the graphics, the speakers, the screen, the headphones, etc., plays a role here. But we also have to choose the most suitable software or one that suits our needs, in addition to knowing how to set it up correctly. This is what we want to talk about below, focusing on such an important thing as herself Windows 10.

And we must bear in mind that Itself Windows 10 , the most widely used desktop operating system, offers several options for improving sound quality. This is what will directly affect most of the applications we run here, as you can imagine, and there are quite a few of them.

Basic sound settings in Windows

And we mean more than just basic control setup volume on the toolbar Windows… This is a simple and basic control that will help us adjust the volume of the general or individual sound of the system and its applications. To do this, simply click on the corresponding speaker icon to adjust the overall system volume.

Controlar Volumen windows

But this is something that we can also do individually for the applications that we are running at the moment. To do this, we only need to click the same icon, but in this case with the right mouse button. Then we select the “Open Volume Mixer” option. Then all the applications that we have open at the moment will appear on screen to control the volume of each one individually.

Application of volume control

Settings to improve sound in Windows

As you can imagine, depending on sound card the model we have installed in the PC, we will be able to do some sound settings or others. Everything will depend on its complexity, as well as on its original quality. However, herself Windows 10 offers us some of our own parameters, which by default will allow us to significantly improve the sound. Applications we are using here.

Well, one of the possible solutions that we can use in this regard, we achieve it by right clicking on the speaker icon. We are linking to the one located on the system taskbar as before. But in this case we will choose Spatial sound option.

Sonido espacial windows

At this point, it should be noted that this feature is disabled by default, so here we can choose between Dolby or DTS sound … Depending on the speakers or headphones we connected to the PC at the time, we may be able to take advantage of either of these two improvements. In the same way, we can use the mode Windows Sonic for headphones.

Another solution to improve sound in Windowswhich we can use is the one we describe below. To do this, we press the speaker button again together with an additional button and select the “Sounds” parameter. This will bring up a new window with several tabs at the top.

Well, in the case that interests us now, we click on Play, where we will see the available audio devices. Select the one you want to customize, for example columns, and right-click mouse in this entry to select Properties.

Propiedades altavoces

In the next window that appears on the screen, in this case we are going to click on the Advanced Options tab. This will give us the ability to choose between different sound qualities supported by your sound map!

Audio Windows Calidad

Here we will see a few of them, from the simplest to the most complex. In fact, something that will be very useful to us, next to this drop-down list we find a button that reproduces the sample so that we can evaluate the difference between the qualities. With everything and with it it is best perceived when used in real life. multimedia content