How to improve your story Instagram on Android


Along with traditional publications, stories from Instagram everyone is furious on this social network very popular where proximity and quality content are rewarded. But achieving a good story is not always easy.

As we saw in the previous article, there is an infinite application that will help us create stories Instagram professionals in minutes and directly from your smartphone.


Then we expand the list with some examples of applications with a simple and minimalist style and whose purpose is to achieve the story Instagram that will not leave you indifferent. Easy to use, full of templates to not start out blank and, in short, a various tools To achieve a good story.


Hundreds of templates, dozens of themes to choose from and the ability to work with videos and photos are some of the features that make it Mojito great app to design your own story Instagram.

For all this we have to add a lot filters that we are used to In any valuable editing application, some are more classic and others are more risky to give your photos and videos a vintage, melancholic or romantic touch.

Of course, your creations fit Mojito can post directly get in Instagram and / or save it to your Android for future use.

How to improve your story Instagram on Android 3

Laboratory of history

From one of its more than 200 templates, Laboratory of history allows you to make a story Instagram From some photos, make collages or edit videos directly.

In terms of images, you will have all kinds decorative appealsuch as frames, stickers, text with artistic fonts, backgrounds, and even watermarks with logos.

As traditionally, Laboratory of history also has filter so your story is about Instagram become more visible and have an artistic touch that would otherwise make you spend hours editing Photoshop or Canva.

How to improve your story Instagram on Android 4


Do you want to post videos or photos, StoryChic It has editing tools, although they focus mainly on images.

Frames, filters, text editors with artistic fonts, backgrounds, stickers … In general resource catalog to enhance her image and include her in her story about Instagram from the application itself.

If not StoryChic will really help you did you see your photo in stories like in your posts about Instagram or login Facebook and other social networks.

How to improve your story Instagram on Android 5

Story Makers

Borders, filters and other editing tools. Story Makers take care of the photo for you story about Instagram but you can also apply Facebook, Snapchat or WhatsApp.

The rest, he also has source source to include artistic text next to an image and background if you want to combine two or more images in all types of publications Instagram or other social networks.

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