How to install iOS 11 on Android? (Appearance only)

by Kelvin
instalar ios 11 en android

You have thought about having a screen identical to that of iPhone X on your Android device, and yet you know that it is a risky procedure, since it is done through Custom ROM and if it is not done correctly, you can lose all your system information. But there is a way you can avoid so many risks and install iOS 11 on Android (appearance only, of course) quickly and no need to be a user root.

With the method that I will teach you, from the Play Store you can download some free applications that will give you the full appearance of the iOS 11 interface.


IPhone X Lock Screen

A fundamental step for install iOS 11 on your Android. Who will you surprise if your lock screen is still common? Download here the free app and enjoy the elegant genius of iOS 11 design from your lock screen. It is light in MB, has a PIN password, and you can customize your images to your liking.

iLauncher for iOS 11

With this simple tool, you can change the look of your mobile to obtain an identical interface to that of the iPhone X, with graphic details and icons of the same iOS 11 design. Download it here.

Assistive Touch

This is the assistant integrated in all iPhone, and you surely know it, since it is where it is activated quickly:

– Screen rotation
-Airplane mode
-Open Notification
– Emerging power
-Volume up and down
-Data use
-Access to all applications

Download here

The black bar “XOutOf10”

Is it the famous "iPhone X notch" that has caused so much revolt? So is! Download it here and do not miss this unforgettable detail on your Android phone.


One last application, where you can choose from many iPhone wallpapers, the one you like best. Download here.

Ready to install iOS 11 on Android? Go ahead, do the test!

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