How to install WhatsApp beta on iPhone with and without Jailbreak

by Kelvin

How to use the latest version of WhatsApp before it is officially available for iPhone

It is not a novelty that WhatsApp has not yet released the version of its iPhone application compatible with the new high-end devices of Apple, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. In fact, it has long been rumored that these were already in the development of this version and that it would come out soon, however this has not been the case and after more than a month of availability of these devices in the market, we have not yet been able See a version of the famous messaging application compatible with these.

How to install WhatsApp beta on iPhone with and without Jailbreak 3

For this reason, there are many users who are looking for alternatives to make WhatsApp adapt to the new screen of your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, without having to resort to the zoom option, since this makes the application look bad or blurred.


To keep in mind is that regardless of the type of installation we do, that is, on a device with or without the Jailbreak, the version of the application that will be installed on the device is a beta, so it is quite likely that it may contain general failures regarding the operation of the application in general, this could lead to the loss of information that We have registered, like the chat, so it is always advisable to make a backup that allows us to recover all deleted WhatsApp conversations for iPhone in the event that something went wrong.

Here we show you how to install the latest WhatsApp beta for iPhone, regardless of whether or not we have the Jailbreak.

Guide to install WhatsApp beta on iPhone without Jailbreak

One of the ways to install the WhatsApp beta on iPhone, without having Jailbreak is:

  • Go to the next url from the iPhone
  • Next we click on the green button.
  • We follow the installation process.

Although in principle there should be no problem, there are users who comment they had them at the time of installation. This is a Chinese website and should not present any problem Regarding the security of our iOS devices, however, it is advisable to be careful when installing and if they do, remember to make a backup of the device beforehand in case any failure arises.

Guide to install the WhatsApp beta on iPhone with Jailbreak

If you have the Jailbreak done on your iOS device, the procedure to install the WhatsApp beta will simply have to have on the device a package that allows us to install unsigned applications, for these we will have to:

  • Add the following repository in Cydia:
  • Next we look for the AppSync Unified package.
  • When the package installation is complete, we restart the device, if it does not do so alone.
  • Now we open Safari.
  • We enter the following address:
  • On this page a blue banner will appear at the top where it appears the latest version of WhatsApp Beta available.
  • We click on this.
  • Then click on Install.

At this point the download of WhatsApp Beta will begin, once the installation is finished we will be able to use the WhatsApp version fully optimized for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Apple.

Another option is to add the ForceGoodFit tweak, which will cause the screen of the original WhatsApp application, downloaded from the App Store, is optimized to the screen of the new iPhone. This tweak has a small bug that does not reveal the entire lower bar while the keyboard is hidden, something that does not represent problems in the operation of the device

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