How to install WhatsApp for Android Tablet without sim?

by Kelvin
How to install WhatsApp for Android Tablet without sim? 1

How to install WhatsApp for Android Tablet without sim? 2

It is common that we want to be communicated with all our acquaintances and friends, for that reason applications such as WhatsApp have emerged, which is today one of the most famous alternatives to fulfill that purpose. If it is great to write to anyone from our Smartphone, it is much better and comfortable to be able to do it from a Tablet due to its higher resolution, screen size and other features. Now you can find out how to install WhatsApp for Android Tablet without sim.

Use the tool that you think best to have WhatsApp for Android Tablet without sim

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There are two well known ways for you to use WhatsApp for Android Tablet without sim. With both we assure you the correct operation of the entire program from the comfort of the larger screen, leaving behind the small resolution of mobile devices.

It should be noted that the options require a secure internet connection and constant internet on both the Tablet and the cell phone so that they can be running in the best possible way.

Below we show you with a little detail both options to use the application in question.

Use WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web

For this you must download and install Google Chrome on the Tablet in which you wish to use the program; After this you must write in the “WhatsApp Web” search engine, on whose page you must enter to continue with the process.

Upon entering the address you will see that you can scan a QR code, which means that you must take your cell phone, start the WhatsApp application and go to the menu in the upper right corner marked with the three vertical points to select the WhatsApp Web option.

When doing all this correctly, the phone will open the camera with a kind of scanner, which you will have to put in front of the code that you previously threw the Tablet and in doing so you will be able to see on the big screen all your WhatsApp conversations without the need to use the mobile device!

From there; chat, send photos and videos in a much more comfortable way that the cell phone cannot offer.

Download WhatsApp without Google Play

Whatsapp for Android tablet without sim

The other option is to download the WhatsApp APK from an alternate page to the Google Play Store, this is because if our Tablet does not contain the possibility of integrating a Sim card, you will not have the option to download the application directly from Google Play .

If you prefer this option you should go to the Tablet settings menu, go to the security section and enable the installation of applications from unknown sources, which is normally blocked for obvious reasons of not committing the device to any type of damage.

After this, access the browser and search for “Whatsapp APK”, Where you can choose the option that best suits you, we recommend that you make sure that the pages are free of viruses and other inconveniences. Download the file and wait for it to be installed on the Tablet.

After this, follow the necessary steps and if we had not said so, you will need a telephone number and a mobile device to verify the application account. When the program asks for your number you can give it quietly and so you can also enter the code sent to you through a text message or a phone call.

You can immediately enter the code given to you on the big screen and you're done, you will have been able to download and use WhatsApp for Android Tablet without sim.

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