How to integrate iPad into your social strategy


No one can push the start of a new product like AppleGet a half-rabid fan base, a celebrity and product CEO who just shines, and you've got everything you need for something big.

Only in your first month iPad already had accumulated one million units sold. As of now, there is so much online chat about it that a Google search is only written with the generated name 107 million search results, Hype and sales are increasing.


but What does this mean for social media and the way people use the Internet? There are only a million new toy owners. Apple out there or Is this the beginning of a broader and more significant change?

In summary, this is a change or at least the first indicator of a change.

This seems to happen: IPad has introduced a new category of media consumption., If you a Facebook Watch news, videos from YouTubeTake a look at TweetDeck or read a blog, iPad is the device the content consumer has dreamed of and is a departure from what we used before.

A new attitude towards the use of the Internet.

When you think about how people have used social media up to that point, it should be on a computer or mobile device. You read to your laptop or desktop or you read on a small mobile device. The iPad shows another attitude: lying down. This may seem insignificant, but it is not.

As online engagement becomes increasingly integrated into everyday life, IPad offers a more convenient and attractive way to do all the things you want to do anywayWhy do you need to cover an iPhone to watch a video? YouTube When can I sit down and look at a device four times bigger? Why am I leaning forward to read a long blog post (like this one, for example) when I can relax and enjoy it with my feet in the air and a drink in hand?

If the internet connection is the same, IPad offers a superior media and connection-intensive experience to friends like a laptop or mobile device. That's why people blatantly admit, "I have to get one of these" when I try an iPad the first time. It is a new experience that they did not know they wanted, and now they want it.

5 Ways to integrate iPad into your strategy

When we see the first signs of a new way of joining the Internet and consuming media, How do we as a seller use this? Here are five ways to integrate iPad into your social media strategy:

# 1: Start with apps

Although the iPad plays all iPhone apps, don't expect iPad users to like it just because they developed an iPhone app. The iPad is a completely different experience and You'll miss out on an opportunity associated with a larger touchpad if you don't reconsider your app strategy when switching to iPadIn addition to the big difference on the surface, remember that the iPhone does a different job than an iPad and does some things unnecessarily.

For example Facebook The iPhone app works perfectly on the iPad, but you don't really need it as you can only use the web browser Facebook for a much richer experience Developing iPad applications requires a good understanding of how to use the iPadRemember this is a "lean" technology, not a "dubbed" technology. So make sure there is an app for that.

# 2: live deeply

Later that year Apple has started An update for the iPhone and iPad operating system that allows multitaskingThis means that some applications may continue to run in the background while the user continues what they have already done. What can your business do to run it in the background on iPad and grab users' attention while doing something else? These background services can be scarce from the start, so anyone with something interesting in implementing the new operating system has an advantage.

# 3: hold yours Facebook Conversation strategy

Facebook It is a conversation tool first. If you don't use it, you're probably frustrated Facebooksi The use of mobile devices is an indication . People who use the iPad will be on Facebook more than the average internet user, Concentrate on a conversation that has value and that you want to win Facebook both on the iPad and elsewhere.

# 4: Don't be afraid of the text

In contrast with some commentators. Blogs are not dead, especially with the iPadOne of the features of reading blogs or websites on the iPad is that you can enlarge a section of text with a simple pinch. It even means Older eyes can read texts online because they can make words explode as often as necessaryReading on a big screen became more portable and personal. Now just insert something worth reading.

# 5: Fold video

It is wonderful to watch videos on iPad. Some of highest praise for iPad It comes from people who use it to watch videos. Online video sites like YouTube and vimeo You are already converting videos to iPad playback. Placing a good video on one of these sites will ensure your video is available to this new video consumer base.

The iPad is not the only device in this new segment of “lying” media customers. Several other companies will implement similar devices It will only expand this new category. If it's not worth lying to enjoy your content and conversations, you can trust a whole new segment of people who completely ignore you. But if you can attract attention by providing valuable content and conversations, a new audience is waiting for you.

How was your experience with the iPad? Do you think you consume more media than before? If you don't have an iPad or other tablet, are you planning one? Why or why not? Tell us your thoughts below.

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