How to know at what time and who has read my messages in WhatsApp Messenger groups? Step by step guide

by Kelvin
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The messages sent by WhatsApp Messenger after the last upgrade they have a functionality that it allows to see when it has been received and when it has been read. In the case of groups, exactly the same happens, you can see who of the members have been able to read it and the time they did it.

This tool is an instant messaging system via the Internet, and although messages can arrive almost immediately, it is important to know if it has arrived on time and to know when it was read. Well, we may know that the double blue check indicates when it has been seen, but something different works in the groups.


Although the blue check appears in the groups, it is only displayed when all those who make it up read it. So you probably want to know before this who already read it. That is why in this tutorial we will explain step by step how to know.

What are WhatsApp read confirmations?

As the name implies, a read confirmation is when a person of your contacts or belonging to a WhatsApp group He has read the message you sent.

This procedure has certain simple steps to understand:

  • Shipping process: It is about when the message has been sent. This procedure may vary depending on your connection availability.
  • Delivery Process: This is when the message or messages have been delivered (received) by the contact belonging to the group or to your contacts. The delivery process is different for each person, since it will depend on whether the individual is connected to the Internet or not to receive it.
  • Received: This procedure is when the message has reached the person's device. However, the message has been received does not indicate or mean that it has been read.
  • Read: As this action indicates, it is when the message has been read by the person or persons interested. Indicating in this way if there are many people who receive the message, the time each one has read it.

Steps to know when and who have read the messages you send in your «Wasap» groups

The steps necessary to know when and who have read your messages in the messaging, are very simple so in a matter of seconds you can check all you can. It should be noted that this can only be done with your own messages, that is, the ones you send, otherwise not.

Follow the steps we provide below:

  • Select the message: The first thing you should do is select the message you have sent to the group.

check message reading

  • Open message options: the options or message information will allow you to see if it has been received, at the time it arrived and if people have read it; It will tell you who and at what time each one has done it. This is in the upper right of the screen, there are 3 points. You just have to choose «Info».

read confirmation

If I deactivate the confirmations of reading I will not be able to see who reads me in the groups?

Despite what many believe, disabling read confirmation only prevents private messages, (with only one contact), can be seen when they are read.

That is, when you read a message to the receiver, the double blue check will not appear. The same happens in the opposite case, you won't be able to see the confirmations of reading either.

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However, in the groups of this platform the read confirmations will always be sent, which allows all people belonging to it to see when and who have read their messages.

How can I deactivate the confirmation of reading in Whatsapp?

Read confirmation is that check that appears in every message you send, but only this one will be marked in blue when the message has been read. Otherwise it will remain gray and will only indicate to the user the time when the message has been sent and received.

This confirmation will only be shown as long as both users, that is, the one who sends the message and the one who receives it, have it activated.

How can you enable or disable reading confirmation?

It is an easy process to perform, what you have to do is the following:

  • Enter WhatsApp
  • Open the options menu.
  • Choose «Settings».
  • Choose "Account".
  • Now you select "Privacy".

enter whatsapp privacy

  • Finally you will go down until you find the option, there you can deactivate it and / or activate it.

disable read confirmation

Note that having this alternative deactivated, you will not be able to observe when another person has read your message. It will only be visible that you have read and have read your messages in WhatsApp groups.

What happens if I block another person in WhatsApp?

What happens after you block another user in this messenger, is that this person I will not be able to see any of your information such as profile picture, status and connection Nor can he send you messages or call you.

But nevertheless, If this person you have blocked is in the same group as you are, it will see your message and can see when you have read theirs.

So in case you have many differences with that person, the best thing is avoid dealing with those personal matters within the group. Since it will be a very uncomfortable moment for the rest of the participants.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! ????

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