How to know if my Samsung Smart tv has bluetooth

by Kelvin
How to know if my Samsung Smart tv has bluetooth 1

Many times we buy or already have a Smart TV, but we do not have much information about it and we are not sure if we are getting the most out of it.

Knowing if a Samsung TV has bluetooth or not is a simple task and that you should not present many difficulties for most users, and this is what we will explain in this post.


It should be noted that this will depend on the Samsung TV or smart TV model you have, and that is why we cannot provide generic, but more specific, information.

Samsung smart bluetooth tv Audio

The bluetooth present in Samsung smart TVs, are often very useful for many features.

But generally, the one that more people usually focus on is because of the issue of Audio. Since if your TV has this type of Connection you can share music and play it on your tv, or from tv to headphones, or home theater, among many other devices.

Of course, in order to make all these variants, you must first make sure that your Samsung Smart TV has bluetooth … (then we will also explain some methods you can do if you do not have this type of connection)

How to know if my samsung tv has bluetooth

In the first place and the first way to know if your samsung tv has blutetooh, is looking at the functions of the manaul that comes from the factory. But of course, the problem with this method is that many no longer have this manual, either because they threw it, lost it, etc …

Therefore, another variant is to look for the model of your Samsung Smart TV, on Google, and enter the official samsung pages where they describe your product. Generally in the section of connections "WIFI: Yes – Bluteooth: Yes" is found according to your model (this information is almost always displayed in tables).

In the case of you do not know the model of your tv Samsung, what you can do is search Google images by putting «Smart TV Samsung», and see if you find the right model. Once you find it, just open the image and most of the time it says the model in the title of it.

Finally, a much more direct way to know if your Samsung TV has bluteooth, is:

  • Turn on your smart tv.
  • Access the menu.
  • Search the Settings section.
  • Select connections: in case you only say network / wifi, and there is nothing related to bluetooth, then most likely, your TV does not have this type of connection.

Many times it also happens that the same TV remote control has a specific one that says "Bluteooth". In this case you already make sure that if you have this connection.

As we said, having Blutooth can be very useful in various aspects, and in the case that your TV does not have it, you can add it simply through a device that works as an adapter.

How to know if my Samsung Smart tv has bluetooth 2

Usually these devices connect to your TV via USB connection, and make bluteooth receiver. You just have to make sure that it is compatible with the devices you want to connect them to (usually there are no problems starting with blutetooth 2.0).

One of the great advantages of having bluetooth on your Samsung Smart TV, is the possibility of connecting a home theater, or auxiliary audio output, and thus being able to get more out of your TV. As LED TVs, they come with less sound, because their manufacturers begin to give more importance to the image, thinness and elegant design.

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