How to know what graphics card I have installed on my computer Windows or Mac? Step by step guide

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When we want to improve the graphic capabilities of our computer to be able to work better, with resources such as images or videos, or even to be able to run games in high definition, It is necessary that we have a good video card integrated into the equipment.

But the only way to choose it is knowing the power of the current card that we have integrated, This can be clearly seen on its label. But, for some it can be tedious to disassemble the equipment just to see the adapter model.


That's why in this article We will show you how to access this information without opening anything. We will also show you what are the aspects that you should consider when buying a new one.

Steps to know what video card model I have installed on my computer with Windows or Mac

The graphics card or video adapter is One the most important components of our computer, since without it they would not be able to display understandable information on the screen.

In other words, this is responsible for process the information and make it readable in our view, That is why it is very important to know what type of card we have installed in our equipment. That's why here we show you the way to find this information in your team Windows or Mac.

In Windows

There are two commands that we can implement on our PC to access the information of the graphics card with which the computer works:

  • The first thing we should do is open the "Run", We do this in two ways, the first is by pressing the keys «Windows»+« R ».

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  • The following is from the menu "Start", where in the bar "All the programs", in section "System of Windows» We can find it too.

Execute "width =" 265 "height =" 254 "src =" "data-pagespeed-url-hash =" 2197290099 "onload =" pagespeed.CriticalImages.checkImageForCriticality (this); "/></p><ul><li>Once we have opened the execution of Windows, we proceed to enter the first command <strong>«Dxdiag»</strong> and we give in<strong> "To accept".</strong></li><li>We will get a message asking for confirmation if you are connected to the Internet, and we click on<strong> "To accept"</strong> again.</li><li>Then in the menu that has been displayed at the top we choose the option<strong> "Screen".</strong></li></ul><p></p><ul><li>As seen in the image, this is the DirectX diagnostic tools menu,<strong> One of the main graphic controllers of the computer.</strong></li><li>Being in the section<strong> "Screen"</strong> in the upper left panel of <strong>"Dispositives",</strong> We can find the name and brand of the graphics card. A little further down you will find information about its capacity.</li></ul><p>The next command that we can also use <strong>To see the video adapter information is «msinfo32»:</strong></p><ul><li>We write it in the window of <strong>"Run"</strong> of Windows and press <strong>"To accept".</strong></li><li>In the left panel of the menu <strong>"system information"</strong> that appears on the screen, we will select the option <strong>«Components»</strong> and then <strong>"Screen".</strong></li></ul><p><img data-lazyloaded=

  • Here we can see all the graphic power of the card, along with the type of adapter it is and the RAM it works with.

Another way to access this from your PC is by "Device administrator".

  • To access we just have to right click on the button "start" down left.

start button; device administrator

  • Similarly, from the "Run" of Windows We can enter by entering a command that opens it immediately, «Devmgmt.msc».
  • Right in the administrator, in the left panel are located the "Display adapters", Click on them.
  • Then on the adapter of our PC we right click and then on «Properties».

Display adapter properties

  • From there as seen in the image we can Access all the details of the display adapter of our PC, That is not a synonym for the graphics card.

On Mac

When it comes to accessing the System and computer information on a Mac the process is reduced to a minimum steps:

  • The first thing is to click on the icon of Apple, the famous manzanita located in the upper left.
  • In the menu that is displayed, we will select the option «About this Mac».

About this Mac

  • We will find data such as the system version, processor and memory, and of course, in the graphics part, the type of card that we have integrated with its respective model.

How to know which is the most powerful video card that I can install on my computer according to requirements and compatibility?

For many people repowering a computer either Windows or Mac, is only to buy a graphics card and install it on the computer.

But the truth is that before acquiring the first video adapter that catches our attention, there are some factors that we must take into account.

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As we cannot install a new video card and high end on a computer that does not have a good RAM or that lacks a good source of energy.

Next we will see in more detail in the Two categories of computers that stand out how to know more about these:

In Windows

Video card with refrigerant

The first thing we should do after uncovering our desktop computer, is Locate existing PCI ports on the motherboard. The ports that interest us for this task are the PCI Express x16, since this is where we can integrate the new adapter.

Before purchasing the display adapter, it is essential that Let's check with the manufacturer the size of the model we are looking forward to buying. Because in the case of a high-end equipment this will bring an included refrigerator, which can occupy an extra space to normal.

In addition to taking into account the dimensions of the product, we must keep in mind the location of the power source and the power port of the card. In some cases a longer power cable will be required.

Another consideration that must be taken into account is the feed power, rather, the power source must be able to produce 600 watts per minute minimum, in order to integrate a video card of good quality and capacity.

If we measure the capacities of the different cards that can be found in the market, we can say that the cards that have just 2 GB of RAM are the least advanced in the market, and these can be used to boost some old computer a bit. Which gives you the ability to process graphic resources a little better.

Instead 4 and 8 GB cards are considered as high midrange. The latter are already better for playing video games professionally, or using graphic editing tools.

On Mac

eGPU "width =" 800 "height =" 400 "srcset =" 800w, 300x150.jpg 300w, 768w "data-lazy-sizes =" (max-width: 800px) 100vw, 800px "src =" https: / / "data-pagespeed-url-hash =" 3479153417 "onload =" pagespeed.CriticalImages.checkImageForCriticality (this); "/></p><div class='code-block code-block-10' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'><div data-ad=

As always on devices Apple things tend to be simpler, And there is not much to take into account in terms of a Mac computer, since the graphic improvements are made externally.

That is, there are certain devices called eGPUs that work as a video card adapter, and this improves the graphic capabilities of any equipment that is connected through the USB Thunderbolt 3 connection.

The eGPU is nothing more than an adapter with one or more PCL ports Express so that any video card is connected. The only requirement that is required is that the Mac operating system has the High Sierra version 10.13.4 or higher.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! ????

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