How to know which apps can see your location on iPhone

by Kelvin

You may have wondered what applications have access to the location of your iPhone. It is clear that some navigation apps such as Google Maps require knowing your location for proper operation, however there are apps that do not need this to work and yet they are having access to it. That's why in this post we explain how you can see which apps see your location and how to restrict your access to it.

What apps access the iPhone location

Seeing which applications are accessing the location of the iPhone is really fast and simple. Also deactivating access to the location is simple. Notably The process is identical on the iPad.



  1. Open the Settings of your iPhone.
  2. Go now to Privacy> Location.
  3. In this section you can See if the location of your iPhone is active or not. If it is deactivated, no app can access it. If you have it active you will see a list with apps that access your location.

Among the applications that access your location there are several types: those that can access this “always” and those that access “when the app is used”. The first means that some applications are continuously tracking your location while others can only access them at the moment you open that application.

To disable location tracking in the apps you just have to click on each of them and select the option "never". In this way it is guaranteed that the application does not have access to your location at any time, although if at any time it is required in said app you must perform the activation again from Settings.

Does it have risks to activate the location? Do you consume battery?

Apple always emphasizes wanting maintain security and privacy of its users and therefore maintain strict standards for applications that are in the App Store. However, you must always be aware of the conditions imposed by apps for use. By caution It is also recommended not to allow access to the location in apps where you do not need it.

As for the matter of the battery it is true that this, as well as having activated other settings such as Bluetooth, yes it consumes battery. Therefore if this is a concern for you or you have an iPhone whose battery does not last long, it is advisable to completely deactivate the location to prevent this from generating more battery consumption of the account.

Do you have any questions regarding the location and the apps that access them on your iPhone? Tell us in the comment box and we will try to help you.