How to Know Who Visits My Profile Facebook in 2019

by Kelvin
How to Know Who Visits My Profile Facebook in 2019

We all once wanted to know who visits my profile of Facebook, be it out of curiosity or fun and surely you have run into a thousand options that didn't work for you.

How to know who looks at your Facebook? There has been much talk about this issue, but a viable solution could never be given. In this case we will see some ways to know who visits your profile Facebook.


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I hope you find this article useful, not only because you will learn to know who looks at your profile. Facebook, but because you will learn what Facebook Go faster and also change your appearance.

How does it work Facebook Flat?

Basically it uses the same method as other apps like the well-known My Top Fans, to inject a code into your browser, which will act in several ways, on the one hand, modifying the appearance of Facebook and on the other by adding a certain portion of code that allows to know the last users with whom you spoke in the chat.

This is a indicative of the possible people who have visited your profile, but it is not a reliable way to really know who was on our wall.

If you want to modify your Facebook This is a good way.

How to Know Who Visits My Profile Facebook in 2019 2

Discover who visits you in Facebook with Facebook Flat

Facebook Flat is an extension of Google Chrome, which basically replaces the appearance of Facebook on the other Flat style, with flat colors, although not only that, because it also gives other options.

You need Google Chrome and you can install the extension from the following link:

Download Link

The option that interests us most is Profile Visitors, where you can see a list of people who visited your profile.

who visits my profile on facebook free application

Is it safe to use Facebook Flat to know who visits you in Facebook?

Currently, no cases of infections or any type of problem have been detected by a user who has used the extension.

How will you know, Google is quite careful with the extensions it allows to include in its catalog.

Google’s approval gives security and it is possible that due to the functions it has you will not have problems.

Other functions of Facebook Flat

Beyond the function to know who looks at your profile Facebook, the extension is quite useful in itself and has some advantages that you may want to know.

At first change the appearance of Facebook On the other hand Flat style, that is to say with flat colors and imposes a new design to the functions of Facebook, this makes Facebook be much faster.

On the other hand, add a left sidebar, with which you can quickly access most of the functions of Facebook with the push of a button and even add an option with which you can access different pages, categorized by news, show, sports, leisure, ect.

Another interesting change is that you add a sidebar on the right with the chat from Facebook, that is to say expand the contact list, it even shows who is connected by phone or by your computer.

application to know who visits my facebook profile

An additional attraction that surely interests you is that block ads from Facebook default, without using any ad blocker in the browser, which usually makes browsing slower and affects pages that depend on advertising to survive.

In this case, Facebook Flat, directly change the sidebar, so you won't see any more ads from Facebook, at least on the side, but you will still see on your wall or newsfeed.

Facebook Flat proposes a new way of using Facebook that you might want to try, the functions are quite interesting, It is a free extension and does not need registration of any kind.

This extension becomes very useful when you have a slow Internet connection, because the design is quite simplified in relation to the original version, allowing the use to be more fluid, especially considering that every day Facebook get new features and Each time it gets heavier.

How to know who looks at you Facebook with My Top Fans

My Top Fans it was an application of Facebook which became popular a while ago and served to find out the people who were looking at your profile.

It had such an effect that several important news portals echoed the news and talked about this app and that is that It was something new at the time and unthinkable, of course.

It consisted of entering the application, accepting the permissions that the app indicated and then you could start the application, which had few buttons, it was really very simple.

The reason it was so popular at the time, is that there was no application that did something similar and this, at least in principle, seemed to give a solution to users who were looking for how to know who looks at their profile Facebook.

Actually, this application like the others you will know, use the well-known method of reviewing the code of Facebook, a section which indicates the users that are up on your chat list, which actually shows the last people with whom you interacted, but does not really show you who visited your profile.

How to avoid knowing what profiles I visit?

This issue is important and following the existence of these types of applications to know the people who visited your Facebook, many people are asking about it.

The truth is that there is nothing to worry about, because Facebook It has mechanisms that do not allow this type of practice.

how to know who looks at your facebook from the mobile

Are there other options to know who visits my Facebook?

The truth is that there is no exact way to know who visits you at Facebook, is a fact that at least for the moment, is reserved for Facebook.

They are responsible for tracking, that is, keeping track of user activity and it is very likely that they have that data, but it is also very feasible that they do not give it to the public, for several reasons.

First, because affects user privacy, section in which Facebook He always had some disputes and on the other hand because it affects his business, they use this data to show you advertising, to improve the way they show information to users and to add new features.

We have shown you the reality about applications to know who looks at your Facebook, if you have any questions, leave it in the comments.

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