How to limit the use of mobile data on Android


In another article, we talked about the appearance of applications that offer content. transmittedWhich we use very often is good or bad. As we imagine you already know, using this type of service with a WiFi network does not require any type of consumption, whereas if we use cellular data, we have limited quantity for consumption. After this consumption limit, we will experience a considerable decrease in browsing speed. At that time, something as simple as sending a message through WhatsApp can be a journey; If we are not clear about our consumption, it is likely that something like this can happen to us. Fortunately, in this article we will give you a key to prevent it from happening by learning how to limit the data you spend.

How to control data consumption on Android

Establish control over spending we have to go to settings. In the appliance Use of data We can set consumption limits and even warnings when we get close to them.


How to set this limit will vary depending on the manufacturer and the customization layers used. In most versions stock Android, when you log in Use of dataYou will see something like this:

Click on Set a data limit and you will see the following message:

Data limit warning /

When you click To acceptappears on the screen two cell slats. Red will allow you to set your data limit, while gray will do the same to warn you that you have consumed a certain amount:

Data limits and notifications established /

On most Android phones, although there are adjustment layers, this method is very similar. Now, there are some terminals that do not allow you to set the original limit. In this case, if we want to control the amount of data consumed, we must use a third-party application. This is what happened with the latest Xiaomi and MIUI phones.

What to do if your terminal does not allow you to limit the use of original data

If you find yourself in this situation, there are several methods you can do. The first one goes through a tool Use of data, limit the use of the application of cellular networks. To do this, first access the list of applications:

List of applications that use more data /

There looking applications that consume more. Click on one of them and you will come to this screen:

Detailed consumption and consumption limits of an application /

As you can see, here you can disable cellular data consumption and background. If you do and only leave the option activated Wifi, such applications will only work when connected to a known wireless network.

The second method involves use. telephony application like My Movistar, My Vodafone or My Orange. However, this type of solution works more as an informative element than as a barrier in itself. Each one works according to a design that has been decided by the developer (or the operator itself), but there must be a tool in it that allows you to see the amount of data consumed during the current billing period:

Data consumption in the Mi Movistar application /

Although you will not be able to reduce data consumption on your own the application after reaching the limit of the contracted quantity, at least You can check it to track (note that with this data you will be billed, so that is the most important source). Of course, this is somewhat more complicated than fast data consumption as it increases the number of steps you need to take to view it.

This is where the third input method, which happens install third party applications. In this sense, there are three applications that Google has chosen as the most suitable for monitoring: Glasswire, My Data Manager (which we will use in this example) and Traffic Monitor. All three work very similarly; Complete monitor of data consumption and WiFi networks, although in this case we are not interested in the latter. In one of the three, in the first run, you will see an option to manage your data plan. In one of the three you can set the contracted amount, the day that billing restarts and even enter the amount of data that has been consumed so that the application remember:

Configure data packages in My Data Manager /

After doing that, you will have at a glance information about your data consumption in the form of persistent notifications:

My data manager notification /

Also in one of these options you can see detailed consumption of each the application:

Data consumption by application in My Data Manager /

Please note that this application will allow you to view cellular data, WiFi and data consumption in roaming if you go abroad

Three applications will also allow you to configure consumption alarm before or when you reach your consumption limit. Now, as is the case with the operator app, here it is the application They believe that it is the user himself who is responsible for reducing the use of cellular data once the consumption limit is reached or reached.

How to limit the use of mobile data on Android 1

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