Perhaps with all the things you can do with Android Auto in your car you forget one of the most basic and useful: listen to the radio. And, in addition to reading your incoming messages aloud, telling you where to turn at each junction or even reading audiobooks, Android Auto also allows you to listen to the radio. Any radio. It doesn't matter if the station is within your frequency or on the other side of the planet. Or you want to listen to podcasts. You can do all this directly with this convenient system for Android phones. Even when your car is not compatible. Here we tell you how to do it.

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The key is to use a radio application compatible with the Android Auto system. The best known in this regard, with countless stations, and therefore we recommend, is TuneIn Radio. It is also available totally free in Google Play Store. Simply download it as a normal and current application on our Android mobile. And, once we have this, configure everything in Android Auto.

Step by Step

If we already have both the Android Auto application and the TuneIn Radio application on our mobile, we only have to access the Google service to turn our mobile into the on-board browser. Yes, manipulate the mobile only when you are completely stopped and safe.

Once inside Android Auto click on the headphones icon to access the music section. By having several music applications compatible with this service, Android Auto shows an arrow next to this icon. If we press it we activate the menu of compatible applications to choose the one we want to use at this time. That will be TuneIn Radio. So look it up in the list and select it.

TuneIn Radio Android Auto

A list of radios automatically appears on the screen. It’s huge so you better be clear about what you want to hear. The application helps you find it by categorizing the stations into local radios, radios that you have recently heard in the app, trends, podcasts, music genre, sports, news or even by language. You just have to click on the section that interests you and browse the available collection until you find the station or radio that interests you.

When you have selected it, it will begin its reproduction through the Internet. The controls remain the same as in other applications such as Spotify. A large central button helps pause or start playback. There are also buttons to jump to the next or previous station. All this very visible and comfortable so as not to lose the most important attention: the road.

Android car radio car

How to listen to your podcasts on Android Auto

On the other hand, if what you like to hear when you are driving are podcasts of your favorite shows, which you do not arrive on time, or because they are only broadcast on the Internet, you can do this another. The system is the same, but we recommend the Google podcast application for its simplicity and comfort.

Just download the application from Google Play Store. It is free and has a good search engine to find the majority of podcasts available on the Internet. Search for your favorite program and press the button Subscribe to be aware of every new content they post. This way they also appear in Android Auto.

podcasts on Android Auto

Go now to Android Auto and double click on the headset icon to bring up the list of compatible music applications. Among them must be Google Podcasts. When activated you will see that collect the contents to which you have subscribed. This will make available the programs of the Podcast channel you follow. Available all of them to listen on the Internet.

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