How to listen YouTube in the background iPhone iOS 13

by Kelvin
How to listen YouTube in the background iPhone iOS 13

Today we take the iPhone wherever we go, since the amount of things we can do with our Smartphone is growing. They are no longer simple devices with which to call and receive messages, but we can also take photos and videos, enter our social networks or listen to music. Listening to music from our mobile phone has become quite common, because thanks to our devices we can connect to YouTube or Spotify for example, and play our favorite songs.


Many times we connect our headphones to the phone, but other times we want the music to play on the speaker while we do other activities with the mobile such as access to our social networks.

This can be a problem for example in YouTube, because when we leave the app the music stops playing. Do not worry, because below we explain all the steps you must follow to know how to listen to music from YouTube, leaving the browser on iPhone with iOS 13.

Step 1

The first thing you should do is enter from the Chrome browser on the page of YouTube. Now select the three dots icon at the bottom.


Step 2

The next thing you should do is select the "Request site for computers" section


Step 3

Once we have the PC version of YouTube on the iPhone, we will have to search for the video or playlist and hit the Play.


Step 4

We will see that the video begins to play. Now you must exit the browser.


Step 5

Now you can start playing this list or song, by lowering the notifications screen and pressing on the Play from the iPhone player.


This way you can listen to the songs or lists you select in YouTube, without having to be inside the browser and being able to access other content on the mobile during playback.