How to locate a mobile off

by Kelvin

Can a switched off mobile be located? It is believed that an off mobile cannot be traceable, in this statement there is part of truth and part of lies. Today we are going to teach you Locate your mobile, even if it is turned off.

The process of locating a mobile (on or off) not 100% reliable, that is, the location that is received through network signals, GPS or telephone antennas, may not be accurate at some times.


So … can or can not locate a mobile off?

A mobile phone emits signals that can be perfectly traceable, either by GPS, mobile phone antennas, or by network connection (WiFi or mobile data). Conversely, a mobile phone does not emit a signal some, but still it can be located since when it was on it left a trail.

And it is the latter that you have to hold in case you lose a mobile and with the bad luck that it is off.

Along the following lines we will show you some applications so you can locate, or establish an approximate location, where your smartphone is off:

Where My Droid

A simple sea app and in its free version has the main option and why we are here: locate a mobile off.

The first thing you have to do is download the application with the links that we leave a few paragraphs below, then accept the permissions and once you have registered, then follow the steps below:

  1. Now it's time to name the device you want to keep an eye on.

Image - How to locate a mobile off

  1. At this moment a bar will appear that goes from red to green and indicates the protection that the device has.
  2. Next, on the main screen look for the "Passive location" option. This will make your different locations register without needing to do anything.
  3. The vast majority of options are premium, so we will not realize.

Image - How to locate a mobile off

If you have lost your mobile and it is turned off, you must enter the Where My Droid website and click on "Login" (Right upper corner). Once you enter your credentials you will enter directly and the device name will appear in the side menu. Now click on "Locate" and it will show you its last location.

Image - How to locate a mobile off

  1. Download Where My Droid for Android

download "class =" lazyload


Another app that can not be missing when it is at stake to locate the lost mobile. Once you download it and accept the permissions, you must register and locate the device so that the app has proof of it:

  1. In the registration section, scroll and at the bottom you will find the option "Do not have an account?".
  2. Click on that option and register using the form that appears.
  3. Check the boxes for "I confirm that I am over 16 years old" (if you comply, otherwise you will not be able to register) and "I have read and accept the terms and conditions and the privacy policy", having read it all, of course .

Image - How to locate a mobile off

  1. Click on "Register" (green button).
  2. Then, activate all the parameters you want, but be careful with one: the pin that protects you from turning off the mobile. We have done several tests and in all we have been able to turn off the mobile without major problem, having it locked and unlocked.

To locate your lost mobile, Enter the Prey website and log in (Right upper corner). Now you must enter your email and then your password. Do not worry, since it takes a while to locate the mobile, but to speed up you can click on the name of your device.

Image - How to locate a mobile off

If the smartphone is turned off, it will indicate that the device could not be tracked and will show you the last location when it was active.

  1. Download Prey for Android

download "class =" lazyload

  1. Download Prey for iOS

download "class =" lazyload

Antivirus applications

The vast majority of them have anti-theft protection, some in the free version, others in the premium version. But still the same thing happens again, they only detect the location in real time when the smartphone was on.

The good thing about these apps is that do a deeper tracking of the mobile and anti-lock functions are usually more effective than with any other application. By this we mean that, if someone forces the shutdown not to be tracked, these applications usually prevent it.

To all this, it is added that the current mobiles are unibody, that is, that you cannot force the shutdown by removing the battery.

We already said a few days ago that it was not necessary to have an antivirus on your mobile, but in case you want to locate your mobile, the same is another option to take into account.

"Find my mobile", a native app for Android and iPhone

In the case of mobile phones Apple, the option is called "Search for my iPhone", and in the case of Android phones it is called "Find my device". In both cases, we return to the previous problem, and that is if the mobile is off it will not show the current location, so you will have to be guided by the previously registered locations.

We already talk about these two applications long and hard when we explain what to do when the mobile is lost. They are two very useful apps, especially in case of theft, since allow to block and erase data from the device remotely. In addition, we can ring the phone as an alarm (even if it is silent) to scare away thieves.

No matter what applications you use, the same will happen in all of them, since a mobile phone cannot be located in real time, but through the trail that has been leaving when connected / on.

These applications, or any other, will not tell you if the mobile phone is in that location, yes or yes. They are very useful for situations of dismissal such as forgetting the cell phone in the gym, in the car, or at a friend's house, whenever it is on, of course.

As you see, one way or another, the task of locating a mobile off is complex. That's why we recommend, if you go to some kind of agglomeration, such as a festival, a wedding, a beach, a disco, etc. Have your phone safely and always go with battery.

Did you know how to locate a mobile off? Did you think a mobile phone without a battery emitted signals?

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