How to locate the serial number of the AirPods

by Kelvin

If you have to send your AirPods to be repaired, or you want to price them to sell them, they will surely ask for their serial number. On an iPhone or on a Apple Watch it's really easy to find it … but Where is the serial number of the AirPods? In this article we tell you where you can easily find it so you don't go crazy.

Here you will find the serial number of your AirPods

The first place where we can look to locate the serial number of the AirPods is in the case itself. If we open the lid and look at the bottom we will find the word Serial’ and a number.

width=344Source: Apple

You should keep in mind that in the case of the 2nd generation AirPods Each of the headphones has a separate serial number printed. But in the case that you have to send it to repair individually you will not need to start looking for them since Apple states that the main number found on the cover of the AirPods is sufficient to perform the repair management.

If we have the iPhone where our AirPods are linked, we can also check the serial number in a much simpler way. We just have to go to Settings> General> Information> AirPods and we will find the serial number. Keep in mind that you must have the headphones connected to the iPhone for this information to appear.

width=700Source: Apple

The third place where we have the serial is in the original packaging, but you have thrown the box where the AirPods were. In the label of this box we can Find the serial number above the second barcode.


Leave us in the comment box what do you think of the location of the serial numbers, have you needed it and didn't know where to look for it?

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