How to log out of Instagram iPhone

by Kelvin
How to log out of Instagram iPhone

Social networks have become an everyday aspect of many people, since the use they are given is increasingly common and wider. Thanks to these platforms, the way we communicate has been changing, since being able to see and talk to people from any part of the world at any time has become something as simple as picking up a phone and starting a chat or video call.


In addition to this, publishing photos and videos on these platforms has also become a daily occurrence, as millions of publications with new content are uploaded daily.

Reviewing social networks is very simple, since directly from the apps downloaded on the phones, we can do it. One of these apps we talked about is Instagram. However, it is possible that at some point we want to exit the application since we want to introduce a new user we want to make sure that our account does not remain open somewhere.

This is a simple process, but we may not know how to do it. That is why we now give you all the steps you must follow to be able to close your account Instagram on iPhone.

Step 1

The first thing you should do is enter your account Instagram, in the "Profile" section


Step 2

Next you have to select the icon of the three stripes from the top.


Step 3

In the menu to be displayed, you must select the "Configuration" option


Step 4

Now in the configuration, you should scroll to the bottom of the logins section. From here you must select your account.


Step 5

You will see a pop-up window appear asking if you want to remember the login information. You must select "Not now"


Step 6

Now another pop-up window will appear in which you must select "Exit"


Step 7

You will finally see how you get out of the account of Instagram, and you need to put the password again to access it.



In case you suspect that someone is accessing Instagram From another device, go to the following link to know how to make sure that your account is closed on all devices where it can be opened

This way you will be able to log out of Instagram from the iPhone, to access another account or prevent someone from entering without entering the password.

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