How to lower the League of Legends ping and eliminate the delay

by Kelvin
How to lower the League of Legends ping and eliminate the delay

Despite a rapid decline in downloads of games such as Fortnite League of Legends, better known as LoL, the passion continues to increase among the most loyal users. As with Fortnite, one of the big problems with the game developed by Riot Games has to do with the delay of the game. This is due in large part to the high ping of our internet connection. This concept refers to the time required for an Internet connection to send and receive data from the server: the higher the ping, the more delay there is in the game. The good news is that there are several ways to reduce pings in LoL, and this time we have gathered some of them.

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Before continuing with the explanation of each method, it is necessary to clarify it. none of this will increase the ping offered by the contracted operator. If we have a serious latency problem (ping above 200 ms or even 300), it is better to contact the supplier.

Change the region server (if you have enough RP)

Servers in each region can mean total obstacles when playing online games. As a general rule, servers in South American countries, such as Brazil, Mexico or Argentina, generally have a longer response time. By cons, European and American servers significantly reduce ping.

To change the server, as simple as access the Riot Games store; specifically in the account. In this section we will see the options in question, yes, after payment. Of 2,600 Rp no less.

change server area lol

If the option does not appear, we have to do it. create a new account with a more optimal territory for our connections, because maybe a temporary riot blocked the option

Change DNS Address

DNS, better known as the Domain Name System, is a network protocol whose sole function is to resolve the IP addresses of different websites. The better the DNS protocol, the higher the resolution speed will have.

Taking advantage of this saying, one of the most useful tricks to lower pings in League of Legends is based change the DNS address faster.

Today, the direction with the best speed is as follows:


To change the address in Windows Simply right click on the WiFi or Ethernet icon in the system taskbar and click on Open Network and Internet Settings. In related settings, we will choose Change adapter options.

remove fortnite ping

After this, a window will appear with all our computer network adapters: what will interest us will be those that have an Internet connection (it will appear with a different icon from the others).

After finding the adapter, we will right click and then Properties. Then we will right click on the options Internet protocol version 4 and we will choose the Properties option again.

Finally we will check the box Use the following DNS server address and we will enter the values ​​quoted above as follows:

  • First box: or
  • Second box: or

Always use a wired network (Ethernet, USB …)

Playing through a WiFi connection may not be the most optimal in terms of time lag. Therefore, maintaining a cable connection will allow us, among other things, Get the highest speed and lowest ping that our routers can offer.

We can do it through a USB or Ethernet cable, although the ideal is to do it through the latter.

Or replace the router with a better one.

If our operators do not report network errors, a router can cause a high ping, which is of sufficient quality to be desired if we talk about routers assigned by operators.

Recommended in this case is go to a router that starts from 40 or 50 euros If we want a substantial increase.

Fiber, always fiber

Both ADSL and 4G, networks with lower latency today are fiber optic. Even if it offers less speed than an ADSL network, which generally does not happen, The best thing to reduce pings LoL is to have a fiber optic network.

It is true that in some regions of Spain and other Latin American countries this type of technology is not yet available, but in most domestic installations it is possible.

Close all programs that use the network.

Downloading the latest uTorrent Tarantino movie may not be the most legitimate or optimal way to ping bass in LoL. To this was added a process that is anchored in the background and consumes connections, How is that possible Windows Upgrade.

Seeing what programs consume the Internet is as simple as doing it right click on the taskbar Windows and click on Task Manager. In the window that will appear next, we will click on More information and then on Network.

download fortnite ping

In this section we can see all the programs that are classified according to the amount consumed of the network connection. Ideally, keep the list as clean as possible.

Be careful with other devices that are connected to the network.

If not you, your brother downloaded the movie Tarantino. Or your mother Or your grandmother!

In this case, it is better to ask each member of the family unit about the use of their network. We can also limit the bandwidth supplied to other devices. through the router interface, which can be accessed by typing in the browser In the article we have just linked, we find how to enter this configuration and the best tricks.

reduce fortnite ping

After logging in, we will try to search section with the name Bandwidth Control. Finally, we will set a speed limit in Kbps for each connected device following the following scheme:

  • 1 Mbps is equal to 128 kylobits per second
  • 2 Mbps is equal to 256 kylobits per second
  • 4 Mbps is 512 kylobits per second
  • 8 Mbps equals 1,024 kylobits per second

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