How to make a backup of your entire WhatsApp

by Kelvin
WhatsApp Web

In your WhatsApp is practically all your life: your photographs, your videos, your conversations, the audio messages of your friends. And if you change your mobile, you can lose it. Whether you are going to change your smartphone or if you simply want to have a backup “for what may happen”, you can do a backup of all your WhatsApp not to miss those important messages.


You can save everything in your WhatsApp beyond your photos and you probably want to do it so you don't miss those interesting conversations with your friends, your partner or the family group chats. If you change your mobile or if you want to keep them safe, you can make a backup of your entire WhatsApp manually or activate it to be done automatically.

WhatsApp backup

To make the backup in WhatsApp it will only take a few minutes and it is very easy. Go to the application and click on the three points at the top right of it and click on "Settings" to access all available options. From here go to the "Chats" section and dFrom Chats go to Backup.

WhatsApp Backup

The first thing you'll see on WhatsApp is the last time your WhatsApp was backed up locally (on mobile) and on Google Drive (in the cloud) and how much this backup copy you had made took up. If you see that the backup is a long time ago, click on the "Save" button. It is logical that it takes a long time since you may have many files and take up enough space.

Backup Copy

Once done, at the bottom you can have backups automatically saved and don't have to worry about them. You can choose how often the backup is made, in what email, in what circumstances (only with Wi-Fi or always, even with data) and whether or not you include videos. Simply choose the parameters that interest you most and save the configuration.

We recommend that you back up WhatsApp on Google Drive every day or at least every week. It will be automatically stored in the cloud. To do this you will have to enter your email. And we also recommend that youstand by the option “Save using Wi-Fi” instead of using mobile data as well, you could completely use up your rate with one of these copies.


Once configured, backups will already be made automatically. If you uninstall the application and reinstall it or if you install it on another mobile, WhatsApp will ask you if you want to restore the last backup and all your chats, photos, videos and audios will still be there even if you change your phone.

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