How to make scattering effects through Snapseed


Among the most powerful photo editing applications, Snapseed includes many useful functions. We have discussed how you can add pops of color, add watermarks, etc. with this application. Today, we will show you how you can add the perfect scatter effect to any image through Snapseed. Adobe Photoshop is adept at creating such scatter and decay effects. In the cell segment, both Snapseed is as close as it can get. Let's see how this can be done.

Create scattering effects through Snapseed

In this guide, we will show you from the beginning how to add decay effects. To be clear, this requires an effort to obtain the perfect dispersion effect. There are already apps like PicsArt that have a default scatter effect. However, this is more frequent than not applying the same set of effects to each image. Still, you can get satisfactory results. However, knowing everything from the beginning has its own benefits. And if you echo this thought, here are the steps to create a scatter effect through the Snapseed app.


Steps to follow

First, download an image with a scatter effect. There are many websites that offer free stock images (such as Unsplash, Pixabay, etc.). Download what you want and continue with the steps below.

  1. Open image in Snapseed where the scattering effect needs to be added.
  2. Go to Tool section and touch The curve
  3. Touch it The channel and choose RGB Drag from the center and move the curve to the bottom right.
    RGB Snapseed effect
  4. Once again, touch The channel and this time choose Luminance Similarly, drag the curve to the bottom right. This will make the entire image black. Don't worry, you are on the right track. Touch the check mark to confirm this.
    instant seed luminance effect
  5. Then touch Edit stack and went to See editions the part
  6. Touch it The curve and then on the brush icon. Now paint the part of the image where the scatter effect should be added to Snapseed. Touch the mark once done. This will make the highlighted part black. This includes the first half of the guide on how to add scatter effects through Snapseed. Now let's look at the second part of this guide.
    highlight the snapseed effect

Add images with decay effects

  1. Then touch Tool and went to Double exposure. Touchez Add photo icon and select the image with the disintegration effect.
  2. Now place the image on the highlighted black part and Touchez Style Choose icon Add from the menu and touch the check mark.double exposure
  3. Touch the button again Edit stack icon and then See editions.
  4. Touch it Double exposure and then on the brush. Highlight the far end of the subject with the double exposure set to the default value of 100.
  5. As you move toward the subject, reduce the intensity of the exposure to 75 and then 50 closer to the subject. But be sure to brush only the black parts. Try to avoid the topic when highlighting. When done, touch the check mark.
    final exposition
  6. Finally touch Done This will save your image with decay effects.

With that in mind, we conclude this guide on how to add scatter effects to any image using Snapseed. What do you think about the trick of applying sparkle effect to images using Snapseed? Share your thoughts on the same in the comments section below.

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