How to make your Mac stop locking?

by Kelvin

All computers have certain resources for proper operation, but there are times when we can not avoid opening many programs or tabs on the Internet, for example if we are doing an investigation or homework, and that is when our computer or This case our Mac, it gets slow and it's a desperate battle.


Other reasons may be Photoshop open in the background, playing video games that demand too much of the graphics card, you are rendering a video or doing all these things at the same time, and believe me, even if you have a very powerful team, you will suffer a certain slowness.

Well, today we will teach you something super simple that is how to close processes in Chrome and Mac in general so that your computer recovers lucidity.


1. To view the Chrome resources that are running on Mac, do the following:

Click Window> Task Manager.

How to make your Mac stop locking? 5

To close the program or page, simply double-click and press finish process.

How to make your Mac stop locking? 6

All apps and programs on the Mac

Go to the Applications folder inside Finder, there, select Utilities and then look for Activity Monitor. Once you are inside, all the processes in the foreground and background will appear, as well as how much memory your computer is occupying.

How to make your Mac stop locking? 7

To exit or close an application, double click on it and select the exit option, and press on exit again.

How to make your Mac stop locking? 8

To learn more about the other sections, visit the Help website of Apple.

Tips to prevent your Mac from being encouraged

If you are going to use programs that are not installed on your computer such as Google Docs, make sure that these files are not too heavy or contain a lot of data.

The best browser for Mac will always be Safari, as it is a browser completely designed for the performance that your computer can give you and helps the performance always be adequate.

But if you still prefer to use Chrome, don't worry, you already know what to do.