How to measure steps with Xiaomi, Redmi or Poco mobile phone

by Kelvin
Измерьте шаги с помощью мобильного телефона Xiaomi, Redmi или Poco

Other manufacturers also offer similar options, and Xiaomi has been working on a step counter for many years to keep up with the competition, which has gone through several stages. At first it could only be activated from the app store, but with the Google Discover integration this option has disappeared, and now if we want to get Xiaomi step counter we have to follow a different process.

Measure steps with Xiaomi, Redmi or Poco mobile phone

Mi Health, MIUI step counter

To get our Xiaomi mobile phone to count steps with its own tool, we need to get our hands on Mi Health, an app called Health in Spanish. No matter how much we look for him on our mobile phone, we will not find him, because he not included in standard Global or European ROM … On other occasions, we’ve witnessed these incredible decisions that Xiaomi is making in other markets outside of China, and this is one such decision.


However, being just an application, we will be able to access it on Xiaomi, Redman and Poco smartphones, since they are based on MIUI, regardless of the ROM. All we have to do is download the latest version of My Health from APK Mirror and after granting permission to install the third party apps that it asks for. Once the APK file is available on mobile, you just need to hit the install button and it will be available in a matter of seconds.

xiaomi salu app

When accessing the Xiaomi Health app, we will be confronted with the means to customize our profile, which will start with Mi Account that we have on our smartphone … In addition, we will know that in many cases Spanish and English are combined with each other, since the application has not yet been fully translated into our language, since it is not planned to release it in Spain at the moment.

xiaomi salu app

We must provide important health data such as gender, age or height. All this is used for the sole purpose of improving information indicators. Another important thing is to grant permission to access the traffic that happens in our terminal, and in this way the application can recognize when we are walking, cycling or performing not a sedentary lifestyle that needs to be considered in the application.

But it’s not just about calculating the steps, since Xiaomi health the application continues to grow continuously with the intention of giving us more options. From there we can start sports that are mostly based on walking, running and cycling, even suggesting doing it on a treadmill on gym days. In addition, we will be able to add activities manually, which is an interesting solution that will make us completely forget about the Mi Band, as the mobile phone can create learning parameters similar to those that we would achieve with the provided data.

contar pasos app xiaomi

It also allows us to set a goal for a step so that we have a goal to achieve. GPS sometimes does not work as we would like it to be as it is based on maps of China which usually do not work in Spain, one of the few bugs we can supply. On the other hand, we can benefit from other tools like weight monitoring, movement throughout the day to avoid sitting too long, and sleep monitoring, which is not very effective.

It also has a tool to track people’s body temperature, although the only way to add it is manually. If at some point the application continues to evolve, it would be nice to know other measurement methods that would make the application more complete.

How accurate is the counter?

By testing it, we can confirm that it works, although it is true that tracking your steps can sometimes be higher than the steps we actually take. Even if we close the application or the mobile phone is locked, the smartphone and especially the application will continue to receive step information, relying on the gyroscope and sensors. Similar to how Google Fit or other alternative apps do it.

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By this we can confirm that its reliability is the same as that of competitors, therefore it is several steps behind the Mi Band (pun intended) or other alternative bracelets. It serves us as an approximation or gives an idea of ​​everything that we have traveled while walking, but not as an additional measure of activity. Unfortunately, this tool does not have the ability to link data from Mi Band or other apps to improve the step counter.

The future of Mi Health

Although there is no information about the arrival of the application in our country, the semi-translation of some devices makes us believe that it will eventually arrive. Another start is service linking, which while it does not currently help export data from My Fit to this health app, it is a step to take into account, since if information from our account will be taken into account by Me. We will have to wait to find out more about the future of the application, which is completely related to MIUI 12 design but it still introduces features halfway to the final version, at least outside of China.

Can we use it on other Android phones?

Unfortunately for anyone looking to test the app, Xiaomi has developed a limited software app. Android Thus, smartphones that do not have MIUI as their customization level will not be able to use the application no matter how long they try to test one or the other versions of Mi Health.