How to monitor the use of mobile data in Windows 10

by Kelvin

While it is not always possible Internet access From our computer, even if it is portable, we can now use wireless connections of two types. The most popular is the WiFi connection, but if we have a mobile phone at hand or if our computer or tablet with Windows 10 has support for SIM cards, it is also possible access the network via mobile data.

Be that as it may, using mobile data has its limitations, mainly the amount of data we can send and receive before our data plan runs out and we must pay an extra that can sometimes have a prohibitive cost.


But Windows 10 has solutions for this problem focused on optimize the use of mobile data and thus surf the internet or talk to someone without fear of exceeding our data plan. Let's see what we should do to control data usage in Windows 10.

Measured use connection

This is what the setup menu says Windows 10 when we access the section Measured use connection: “If you have a limited data plan and want have more control over data usage, convert this connection into a network of measured use. The operation of some applications may change to reduce data usage when you are connected to this network. ”

How to monitor the use of mobile data in Windows 10 6

We will find this option in Home> Settings> Network and Internet> Wi-Fi. Then we will have to choose the mobile connection, either directly or through our smartphone, and finally click on the box to show Activated under Set as measured usage connection.

This option makes Windows 10 do not squander the internet connection. Installed apps will not be updated, official updates will not be downloaded, etc.

Set data limit

We have Windows 10 configured to use mobile data with caution. But we can go further and set a specific use limit.

Since Home> Settings> Network and Internet> Data usage, we must click on Set limit to tell Windows when to stop to upload or download data.

How to monitor the use of mobile data in Windows 10 7

The limit can be monthly or punctual. In the first case we must indicate the day the counter is reset. In both cases, we will have to indicate a number of the amount of data available and the unit of measurement. This way we will not exceed our data plan.

Data usage

Let's go back to Home> Settings> Network and Internet> Data usage, which we just saw. In that menu we will find more useful things. For starters, information on the data consumption of the main and / or secondary connections, if any.

How to monitor the use of mobile data in Windows 10 8

We will see the amount of data used in the last 30 days and if we click on See use by application We will see the use divided by apps, something similar to what we can do on Android or iOS.

The list is sorted according to the data used by each application, so that the first ones on the list will be the applications that have accessed the internet most.

Real-time surveillance

With the mode of measured use and the limit that we have activated, we should already be calm about the use of mobile data that will Windows 10. However, we have also seen that it is possible check which applications Access the internet more.

How to monitor the use of mobile data in Windows 10 9

And if we want to track in real time, we can go to Task Manager, so that in Windows 10 This tool shows a lot of useful information, such as the use of the internet connection from the tab performance or see the network usage of each application from Processes.

In the latter case, you have to look at the column Net, which we can press to order the processes by network consumption.

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