How to move from one iPhone to another without losing data or files

by Kelvin

If you are releasing an iPhone but it is not the first one you have, you are probably interested in knowing how to move from one iPhone to another without losing data such as your contacts, photographs, applications and even the settings you had on the previous device. Therefore in this post we will explain how you can perform that process in a really simple and fast way without resorting to a computer or third-party applications.

Move from one iPhone to another without losing anything

The best method to maintain a new iPhone as we had the previous one is to use iCloud backups. These stores all the applications, documents, settings and information we want. Of course, you have to keep in mind that we have 5GB of free storage as standard, but if the copy we make is larger we must hire a superior storage plan, which ranges from € 0.99 with 50GB to 2TB for € 9.99.



On the old’ iPhone, for which you want to keep the data, you must perform the backup by following the steps below:

  1. Opens Settings and click on your name.
  2. Click now on iCloud
  3. Select from among all the native apps which you want your data to be included in the backup.
  4. Go now to «Copy to iCloud» and click on «Back up now. On the screen you can see when the process ends, which may vary in time depending on the size of the copy you are going to make.


I forgot my password for the ID of Apple, what I do?

Once the backup is done you will have to Set up the new iPhone. Once you have established the first settings, such as language and region, you will be required enter your ID Apple. This account must be the same as the previous iPhone.


Once you get to the part of new iPhone settings a series of options will appear with which you can restore iPhone with a copy of iCloud. That will be the option you should choose, and once the copy made on the previous iPhone is selected you will have to wait a few minutes until everything is ready and you will see how your new iPhone looks the same as the previous one, with all your apps, photos and settings.

If you have any other questions about how to move from one iPhone to another or with any of the steps explained in this tutorial, we invite you to tell us in the comment box to try to help you.

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