Are you missing your productivity? Do you spend the day browsing between group chats where topics that don't interest you are spoken? If you are fed up or fed up with WhatsApp notifications, you better do something about it. And is that constantly looking at the mobile screen can be a real waste of time throughout the day. Have you checked your mobile's Digital Balance settings to find out how many hours you spend watching WhatsApp messages? Well, there is a way to cut root with this distraction: silence conversations.


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Here we are going to tell you several ways to silence chats, both individually and in groups. But silence them completely. Even with options for prevent notifications from appearing to indicate that there are messages waiting to be read. So you can do it:

Turn off the sound but keep notifications

The most useful thing in this case is to use the sound system of your mobile. Both Android and iPhone terminals have settings to prevent notifications from ringing. We can activate the vibration mode so that each message is noticed but without sounding, so only we should know that we have received something. Although, if we prefer, we can always activate the silent mode and avoid even the sound of the mobile vibration. All this while still seeing the new message notices on the terminal screen, that is, the notifications. Of course, keep in mind that this will also silence calls and other notifications on your mobile.

WhatsApp notifications

If what you want is to silence only WhatsApp, even if they are all the chats, the best thing you can do is go through the Settings. Here you enter the notifications section, and note that the options are divided into two sections: one for chat messages from one person and another for groups.

If what you want is to prevent them from sounding in some way, click on the Notification tone option. Here you can choose from the list of melodies available on your mobile. But you also have the option None. This way the message will not sound when it is received. Do this both in individual chats and in groups so that no message sounds when you reach your mobile.

Of course, in this case the Notifications will continue populating your top notification bar. They can even appear in the middle of the screen if you have it configured.

Disable sounds and notifications

But if visual alerts also bother you, you better follow these steps to prevent your mobile from being a festival of lights and notifications. As before, go to the WhatsApp Settings menu and enter the section Notifications.

Here you can deactivate the sounds as we have mentioned before: enter the Tone submenu and choose the melody None to prevent alerts from ringing. Remember to repeat this in the Groups section of the Notifications menu so that no message sounds.

turn off sound and notifications

But if you want to see that you have not received any message, you will have to perform other more elaborate steps. And we talk about not leaving or mark WhatsApp notifications. For this go to the settings of your Android mobile and look for the Applications section, among which WhatsApp will be found (at the end of the list if it is sorted alphabetically). Here you can configure in detail the behavior of notifications in its special section. You can deactivate the Allow notifications option to ensure that no messages or audio playback is shown, for example. Of course you can customize all this with the list of options that appears in this same menu. Here, you can even deactivate the unread message counter that appears in the WhatsApp icon, if you want to.

If you prefer something less drastic, you can always keep an eye on the section Popup notification, within the WhatsApp settings. Here the indicated option will have to be Never show popup window. You should also select the None option in the section Light, which refers to the color of the LED warning light that your mobile phone can contain. Also, disable the option Notifications in high priority so that no information is shown on the screen. Of course, all this will not prevent you from seeing the WhatsApp icon in the top bar of your mobile.

Disable all WhatsApp notifications

Turn off sound for WhatsApp calls

And beware, WhatsApp also serves to call or video call. Go through the Settings of the application and go to the Notifications section. Here, at the end of the menu, you will find the Calls section. You cannot avoid notification or action unless you follow the previous step, but you can avoid the sound and vibration of the mobile if you receive a call or video call.

As in the case of messages, press Tone to choose None and prevent this function from sounding. In vibration, however, you will have to click on Disabled to ensure that your mobile does not make noise or be noticed when a call comes in via WhatsApp.

Disable WhatsApp call notifications

And what about the urgent messages?

Remember that if you just silence a conversation from WhatsApp, there are ways to contact you. That is, to make the notifications sound. For example, if you have decided to silence your group of coworkers and have activated the option to not see notifications, You can still get the mentions.

If a contact mentions you with the @ symbol in a message, your mobile will let the notification pass. If your mobile has the active sound it will ring, and if it is in vibration it will vibrate. Keep it in mind as if they were calls for attention about something important.

Of course, for this you will have to have active WhatsApp notifications on your mobile. If you don't allow them from the terminal settings, no notification will be played on the mobile. Something I could leave you without important notices or direct mentions. But also without annoying notifications.

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