Surely you have become accustomed to asking a lot of things to the Google Assistant on your Android mobile. What if the time, what if the time, if you have an appointment, if you tell me a joke … But surely you have also encountered situations in which conversations with this assistant they can be uncomfortable or disrespectful, without finding the formula to silence him. Well, Google has put to work to solve it.


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The function has just been presented for Android phones. It consists of silencing the answers in a loud voice of the Google Assistant. In this way, the intelligent assistant continues to function as before, showing all the information we ask, but without offering it out loud. Without sound responses that read information from Wikipedia, listen to the current temperature or report any details that are already reflected on the terminal screen.

Step by Step

To do this we only have to enter the Google Assistant by pressing the start button of our mobile phone for several seconds (the circle or the central button that returns us to the desktop). With it invoke the assistant, although what interests us about him right now is his Settings menu.

To get to the configuration, fully deploy the wizard and click on the profile image at the top right. With this you access the Settings, although you will have to focus on the Assistant tab to find what you are looking for.

Within the tab you will have to descend to the Devices with Assistant section, where it is Phone, which is what interests us here. Once inside the Google Assistant settings, scroll down until you find the Recognition and voice input section.

google mute wizard

This section is where the function is already available Voice output. Thanks to this feature we can choose to have Google Assistant activate voice output by default, that is, to speak with your answers, or limit it to hands free mode. When selecting this second option, the assistant will no longer speak when invoked on the mobile. Only when in hands-free use, as it may be if we connect it in the car.

From here on Google Assistant is speechless on mobile. Something that does not make you lose features, just the possibility of expressing yourself and saying in a loud voice everything that appears on your screen.

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