How to open a business account in Instagram?

by Kelvin

Instagram It is the most popular social network worldwide, which is why regular users such as hotels, restaurants and virtually any service company should be there.


With this in mind, Instagram developed business profiles that among its advantages, highlights that you can meet different statistics of your page, for example, the analysis of your publications, the level of interaction with users, analysis of your public (cities, age range, sex), among others.

Here we show you how to activate your business profile.

EYE: In order to switch to a Business account, it is recommended to have a company page in Facebook.

The first thing you have to do is open your profile, go to configuration, and select the option Account.

How to open a business account in Instagram? 4

Look up the option that says Switch to professional account, now select the option that says Company and click on continue.

How to open a business account in Instagram? 5

Several screens will be displayed with some of the tools that you must activate, it will also ask you to connect a page of Facebook, so we recommend that you have one, and finally you will be asked to provide your contact information (mail, landline number, cell number, etc.), so that your customers can find you.

How to open a business account in Instagram? 6

Ready! With this you can monitor the impact that your business is having on the social network, as well as identify your audience and know better their behavior, tastes and needs.

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