How to open a video in VLC always in full screen mode

by Kelvin
How to open a video in VLC always in full screen mode

Much of the blame for the huge penetration of the aforementioned videos onto our devices nowadays is due to their hardware … Let’s talk about desktop or mobile devices, at the moment they have enough power to handle this content in most cases. Even when we find high definition videos like 4K … Of course, here we are talking about performing various kinds of tasks such as converting, editing, playing video, etc.

Open video in VLC always in full screen mode

As we say, for all this, we can use countless software solutions, which most of you probably already know about. In fact, thanks to the power of modern equipment, what was limited just a few years ago is now available to the majority. But with everything and with this, in these lines we do not want to enter an interesting world. video editing or Transformation … We want to talk about ways to use a lot more everyday things, about reproducing the same thing.


Improving your video viewing experience with a good player

And when it comes to playing video content, we can choose a good number video players … It is interesting to know that most of them are free, so we can choose more based on their functionality than anything else. There are several points to consider here. We refer to sections like available features, interface if it gets updates from its developer , supported formats, types of content played, etc.

But here we will focus on what is currently considered one of the most popular and used in the world. Specifically, we are referring to the well-known VLC multimedia software that has been with us for several years now and has never stopped getting better. If there is one thing that users are increasingly looking at when choosing this type of offer, it is that they are multipurpose. By this we mean that they can play local or internet video, Music , streaming of all kinds, TV channels , Etc.

VLC interphase

Benefits of Opening VLC Full Screen

Of course, this is something that VLC isn’t spared from, in addition to many other features hidden among its menus. Some of them are more difficult than others, but most often the ones that really interest you the most are used. That is why in these lines we are going to show you what, of course, many of you asked yourself on occasion. In particular, we are talking about the ability to always open VLC in Full Screen

And it’s certain, as you have already verified, that when we play a video in the player, we will have to put it in full screen later. Considering that most of the time we go to watch our favorite movies and TV shows like this, it doesn’t make sense that it doesn’t start out like this. In fact, the program itself has its own functionality what allows us to tweak this setting, what happens is that it is disabled.

So from the native VLC menus, we’ll show you how to achieve this when you click the file Windowsto open it in this program , it starts to display in full screen mode. It’s not a tricky process at all, but as with many other VLC features, it’s tricky to know where you are. As we said, this is a program full of functions, so it can be a little confusing at times. This is especially noticeable in the Advanced Preferences section.

Preferencias avanzadas VLC

How to always open video in VLC full screen

Despite all this, when it comes to playing multimedia content, VLC is still widely used. In fact, more advanced users prefer to have a wide range of configurable parameters what we are talking about here. Most of us have configured this program with the default settings, but this is not always recommended.

The case in question is an example. Specifically, we mean that VLC is configured by default so that the video starts in a window and starts playing as such. However, as we mentioned, it is more than likely that we would prefer it to run and play directly in full screen mode. No wonder this is what VideoLan’s free software allows us to do this. However, first we will need to make a number of previous settings so that they are saved in the program’s configuration.

With all that we are commenting on, the first thing to do is to access the main menu of the program, in particular to the Tools option. We then selected the “Settings” option, which we clicked on.

Menú preferencias VLC

Thus, in the new window that appears, namely in its upper part, we see a series of icons. Well, they act like tabs that help us customize multiple sections player … In this case, the tab we are interested in is a call, Video, so we are placed on it.

VLC video

Thus, in the upper left corner of this window we will be able to check the “Full screen” option. By default, as we see at first, it is disabled. So from now on everything new videos which we run in VLC from Windowswill play by themselves in this full screen mode. Tell me to return the program to its previous state to open the video in Windows windows, we only need to uncheck the same VLC option.