How to opt out of receiving subscription update emails Apple


To help you stay on top of your subscriptions, Apple by default, you send an extension receipt each time one of the services you subscribe to charges your payment method for another delivery. Fortunately, you can easily choose not to receive AppleEmail subscription updates if you don't want to be notified of the $ 10 monthly fee Apple Music or Netflix rates or other subscription updates. Follow the steps in our tutorial to learn how to stop receiving subscription update emails Apple.


Default, Apple send you an email as soon as your active subscription is renewed.

For example, if your monthly Apple Arcade subscription fees increase by 15, You will receive a receipt by email that day informing you that you have been charged. If your subscription is updated weekly or biweekly, you will receive a subscription renewal email Apple every week or every week for a particular subscription.

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If you prefer not to receive receipts by email every time a recurring subscription is renewed, you do not need to block the receipt by email Apple Right away.

You can choose not to receive subscription updates in the App Store on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

On February 11, 2020, tech giant Cupertino has provided a special transition for customers who want to choose not to receive subscription renewal emails from the company. This is a server side change, so no software update is needed to activate this feature.

The change applies to both the Services of Apple like subscriptions to third-party apps like Netflix.

Follow along with our step-by-step tutorial included above to learn how to stop receiving Apple Subscription update email every time one of your recurring subscriptions is renewed.

How to stop receiving Apple subscription update email

Do this to stop the subscription update email Apple from sending spam to your inbox:

one) Access subscription list On iPhone, iPad or Mac:

  • iPhone and iPad: Open the App Store app and Touchez Apple Account ID in the upper right corner, then press the Subscribe option.
  • Mac: Launch the App Store app and click Apple Account ID in the upper left corner of the window. Now click on View Info near the top right corner and then click on the Manage link next to Subscriptions, which is located under the Manage heading.

2) Now turn off the options labeled as text "Receive renewal receipts".

stop accepting Apple Subscribe to the email subscription tutorial

Enables or disables the acceptance of subscription renewals.

When this option is inactive, an email receipt will not be issued each time one of your subscriptions is automatically renewed. Based on the feature description, the receipt is always available to you through the Purchase History section at Apple ID settings.

To continue receiving email receipts for subscription renewal, leave the switch on.

stop accepting Apple Subscribe to the email subscription tutorial

This is a global toggle that applies to all devices that enter your device Apple INDO

While the tvOS operating system allows you to access your subscriptions on the Internet Apple TV, switch to disable subscription update email Apple There is no place to be found.

stop accepting Apple Subscribe to the email subscription tutorial

You can also choose not to receive subscription update emails Apple in the App Store on your Mac.

With the watchOS 6 software update (in developer testing at the time of release), Apple You have activated in-app purchases for Apple Watch application, which shows that the practical opt-out for iOS and macOS could lead to the App Store application on a usable device.

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Talk about receiving emails from Applemake sure that see supporting documents The company's website explains several things to look for to confirm that the message you received from the company is not a phishing email.

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