How to order a Taxi by WhatsApp in Madrid, this is the number

by Kelvin
How to order a Taxi by WhatsApp in Madrid, this is the number

How to order a Taxi by WhatsApp in Madrid, this is the number 2

In February of this year, the war between the Taxi and VTC sectors in Spain reached a decisive moment when both Uber and Cabify, the top representatives of the VTC sector, announced the cessation of service delivery in Barcelona and their departure from Catalonia. And is that the use of new technologies is one of the pillars that have driven the success of VTC platforms. Request a service by mobile and that we instantly have confirmation, the exact amount, in addition to GPS tracking, immediate payment and waiting times and travel is pure comfort. Taxi apps are no match for Uber and Cabify applications.

Adapt to the rival

But in the ability to adapt is one of the elements that decides a battle. And the Taxi sector, specifically Tele-Taxi (the station of the Professional Federation of Taxi in Madrid or FPTM), decided since last February to improve its service by pulling the most popular mobile app: WhatsApp.


Therefore, for almost 7 months it is possible to order a taxi in Madrid through WhatsApp or book it and save the call, go to a stop or look for it on the street. With this new function, Tele-Taxi seeks to adapt to the new needs of users, the same that Uber and Cabify knew how to cover seeing the important weight in the services that a smartphone app would have.

Azucena Cabezas, head of Tele-Taxi and member of the board of directors of the FPTM, said that his sector is aware that “WhatsApp is a fundamental tool in the daily lives of citizens ”, why they seek to adapt to facilitate users the "Having a taxi quickly and easily". In fact, it is One of the options we see when we enter the Tele-Taxi Madrid website.

How to order a taxi by WhatsApp

How can we request a Tele-taxi service by WhatsApp in Madrid? It is very simple

  1. Add this phone number to your contacts: 91 371 21 31
  2. Open a WhatsApp chat and request or book a taxi
  3. Write the address where you will be picked up. If it is a reservation, it also indicates The time.

This simple and effective way to ask for WhatsApp is complemented by others such as using the myTaxi app, which, like the VTC ones, allows you to book and pay for the race directly.

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