How to organize a successful contest or contests Instagram

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Do you want to organize a competition in Instagram? Wondering which rules and best practices to follow?

This article provides tips on how to run different types of competitions and how to end your competition. Instagram and what metrics will help you evaluate the effectiveness of your competition.


Understand the rules for running a competition Instagram

The competitions of Instagram They are a great way to reach your audience, reward them for interacting with your content, and reaching a whole new group of followers.

You probably heard it running Facebook Competitions are complicated and there are many rules. The competitions of Instagram They are much simpler, but there are still some rules to follow.

Use a specific publishing language

First off, use this release version (or something similar) in your competition posts:

You'll find it Conditions for competitions Instagram here.

Don't ask users to tag people in photos they're not in

Second, you can't ask users to tag themselves or others on a photo they don't see. And you can't tag people in a photo if they don't appear. However, you can tag them in a comment and say "take a friend below" is perfectly fine. They just can't be physically marked on the photo or video itself.

Announce all terms of the competition.

Third, you must fully disclose the terms of the competition. This may include definition criteria such as:

  • Starting and ending dates of the competition.
  • Conditions to participate
  • How winners are determined

Make sure you have decided on these factors before you can start your competition. The duration of the competition determines how often you want to write about it.

Other considerations

You should also familiarize yourself with your local, state, regional, and federal regulations when it comes to contests, giveaways, and giveaways. You also do not want to violate any of these laws.

Also, be sure to use the correct terminology when running your competition:

For example, if you organize a competition and say: "Send a photo to Instagram and we choose our favorite as the winner, "indicates that some kind of judgment will make that decision. It will make clear that it is organizing a competition.

Include the actual word or image in your entry to promote competition. Say "competition" or "gift" in the first sentence or even the first word of the title using emojis and capital letters. Make it clear that this is not a regular contribution.

How to set up and run your own contest through Instagram Read the following article for a simple tutorial or watch this video:

# 1: Choose a price suitable for your competition Instagram

Determine the type of competition. Instagram What you want to do depends in part on the price you have available. The price must match the type of effort people must make to compete.

For example. Can a simple gift be a low gift (something worth $ 25 or less) because the entry requirement is simply to tag a friend. It is not a great commitment of the participants. Conversely, if the contest involves participants creating content on Instagram and they mark their business with that, that's a good question. You must offer a jackpot, for example a free consultation.

Your price must also be relevant to your target audience. You don't want to give away an iPad or a gift card Amazon $ 100 or a vacation package because everyone wants them. In the end, you get a lot of followers who aren't really interested in your product or service and would just leave when the competition ends.

Instead, choose a price that new potential followers associated with your business are interested in. B. Your product or service.

# 2: Determine how people participate in your competition Instagram

The easiest type of questionnaire Instagram To run, you have two or three simple criteria that you can participate in, like: B. "Follow this account like this post and take a friend below." This type of competition is very easy to enter and manage.

The advantage of simple competitions is that they are excellent for growth and exposure. If you ask your current audience Instagram If you "tag a friend below," that friend will receive a review. If this person wants to enter the contest, they must follow their account as content and tag another person. It will be a two-way process.

Example of a simple questionnaire Instagram

More complicated contests can engage your audience by creating content for Instagram, either as a story or as a feed post. In this type of competition, you want people to:

  • Use a specific hashtag (a topic we'll cover in the next section).
  • Label it or mention it in its content.

This type of competition is not only more complicated for participants, but also requires more time for administration. You must check the hashtag and mention it to keep track of who posts in this competition.

Competition preview Instagram with the highest price

# 3: Choose a competition hashtag Instagram

You want to create a hashtag just for your competition to make it easier to monitor posts and discussions about them. Since this is a unique hashtag, you can:

  • Make it longer.
  • Be descriptive.
  • Insert the word or in this hashtag.

Be sure to include this hashtag in your contest entry and also add it to your image.

Example of publication of a contest. Instagram This includes the brand hashtag in the image and in the title.

# 4: Manage and close your competition Instagram

Before you start yours Instagram, assign someone to monitor content, comments, and questions about your post and competition, and make sure everything runs smoothly.

When the competition ends and it is time to notify the winner, you must first contact the winner in private. Send them a DM in InstagramLet them know they won and make sure they accept the prize. When you're done, post a public post announcing the winner, or just say the competition is over.

Also edit the contest title and write "Closed" on it. In this way, anyone who indicates the entry of the competition knows that it is no longer active and is not trying to send another entry.

Example of publication of a contest. Instagram with & # 39; closed & # 39; message

You must submit the registration a few days or a week after the end of your competition. In this way, you can keep all the ideas in this post, but nobody can see the post publicly. This helps you avoid possible confusion about whether the competition is still active.

# 5: Analyze the results of your competition Instagram

When you start contests in InstagramYou must catalog all of this data to find patterns and ways to improve the effectiveness of future contests. Look for things like:

  • Notice how many likes and comments your post generated.
  • See when it launched and how long the competition lasted. That's it 3 days 7 Days and so on?
  • Think about whether the season had an impact on competitiveness.
  • What was the value of its price? Did it affect you?

Once you have completed between three and five competitions, you will discover what is most popular with your audience. Instagram, Use what you have learned to get the most out of future competitions.


When running a competition Instagram it is important to comply with the rules of Instagram for Competitions In addition, choose a prize that matches the effort participants will need to enter, and select a hashtag from the competition to monitor entries and conversations associated with your competition.

Once the competition is over, remember to write "Closed" on your post to let people know it is no longer active and archive the post so that it is no longer public. And finally, analyze your results to inform future competitions Instagram.

What do you think? In which competition do you have to run? Instagram? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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