How to organize food in your refrigerator to prolong its freshness

by Kelvin

One of the best ways to preserve the flavors and freshness of refrigerated foods is to store it properly in your refrigerator.

Of course, it also depends in large part on the appliance you have at home, as new cooling technologies help not only prolong food life but also save energy and prevent loss of cold. We share some tips to organize your refrigerated food and save money on food and electricity.

one) Meat, chicken and fish. Refrigerate highly perishable food after buying. Avoid staying long at room temperature because bacteria proliferate rapidly. They should be placed in the lower part of the refrigerator or freezer, as the temperature is cooler. In addition, they should be refrigerated in closed containers or wrapped, to avoid spilling their juices.


two) Fruits and vegetables: they should be stored in the refrigerator drawers. It is important to remove the bags to prevent them from deteriorating more easily. Wash and dry before storing.

3) Dairy products and sausages: They should be placed in the middle of the refrigerator, where the temperature ranges between 4 ° C and 5 ° C. In this area you should also place the containers that have a label that indicates that they should be refrigerated once opened, such as mayonnaise , sauces, etc.

4) Eggs, butter: They should be located in the upper part of the refrigerator, where temperatures are not so cold. Certain teams bring special compartments to lay eggs.

5) Beverages, jams, packaged foods: They should be placed on the refrigerator door, as they are foods that need less refrigeration.

6) Review food labels to verify if they should be refrigerated, as well as their expiration date. Clean the refrigerator frequently to discard expired or spoiled food.

FlexZone Technology

FlexZone technology, included in Samsung refrigerators, provides the ultimate in food storage flexibility. The FlexZone area is a feature that is located on the third door of the refrigerator and allows you to change the temperature in 4 different modes according to the type of food you want to store. With just one touch, the bottom conservative can be easily customized:

· Meat and fish (0 ° C): Preserve the natural flavor and moisture of fresh meat, bacon and sausages.

· Drinks Mode (1 ° C): Keeps drinks cool.

· Fruits and vegetables mode (3 ° C): Protects the state and freshness of fruits and vegetables.

· Conservative Mode: It operates at the same temperature as the top conservative.

The Max Series Side by Side three-door refrigerator has a capacity of 22 cubic feet, and also incorporates Metal Cooling technology, which is an aluminum plate that absorbs the cold in a better way and prevents the constants "open and close" from the refrigerator door, dramatically decrease the amount of indoor cold.

Like other models of the brand, they also integrate the Twin Cooling innovation, which thanks to two fans allows independent cooling system so that each part of the refrigerator receives the appropriate temperature and thus keep the food fresher and prevent odors from Food mix.

Energy saving

Max Series refrigerators include Samsung's Digital Inverter compressor that lasts much longer and allows energy savings of up to 50%. In addition to generating less noise and greater durability. Also, this technology is guaranteed for 10 years.

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