How to permanently delete an account Facebook

by Kelvin
How to permanently delete an account Facebook

How to delete your account Facebook ? In 15 years, Mark Zuckerberg's social network has gone from a must-have status to a kind of digital drug with difficult weaning. The impact of the social network in our lives is simply insane and the need for disconnection is more and more pressing. We explain how to perform this operation from the PC or smartphone, but also how to back up your data and delete your activity to really disappear from the social network.


Want to go out of Facebook ? The social network is in turmoil, especially since the US elections that have highlighted the perverse effects of the platform. The case Facebook-Cambridge Analytica has also been there, then the recent piracy of Facebook did not help and proves once again how much more difficult it is to trust the social network. To make matters worse, the average age on the social network is growing and young people are increasingly deserting the platform in favor of alternative social networks. It's high time to close your account and join them, right?

To delete or disable an account Facebook :

    First of all we advise you to save your data and delete your activity on Facebook

How to permanently delete an account Facebook 5

    Go in Settings then click Your informations FacebookClick on See at the line Delete your account and your informationClick on Delete my account and confirm with your password

Total and final deletion of your account Facebook will take effect after 30 days. Your personal data is stored for 90 days. This process can still be canceled at any time during this time. Your journal will no longer be available and your profile will no longer appear in the search results. After this time, all your data will be lost forever if you have correctly deleted all your interactions.

A tip: if you are really sure of your choice, we advise you to log out manually, delete your cookies and the password Facebook in your managers, to avoid any accidental connection that would immediately reactivate your account.

How to remove or disable an account Facebook from an Android smartphone

The approach on Android or iOS smartphone is similar. In addition, it is also possible to delete one by one your interactions via your Personal History, but it is even longer and laborious, and there is no way on smartphone to automate this task.

How to permanently delete an account Facebook 6

    Go to the menu ≡> Settings and Privacy> Settings> Account Properties and Control> Disabling and Deletion

From there you can simply deactivate your account. If you are sure you want to delete it:

How to permanently delete an account Facebook 7

    touch Delete account and validate by touching Continue deleting an accounttouch Delete account and confirm with your passwordDevice Facebook on your smartphone and all devices where the application is installed

You want to disappear from Facebook, is. That said, are you sure you do not want to find a photo or a publication that made you laugh in the past months? Another argument, it may be that you need to find information published long ago on your wall. Thus, it is better to play safety by preserving all the information accumulated during your presence on Facebook, before losing all access. You will be able to do this manually if there is not much information that really interests you (texts, photos).

If you have lots of memories to collect, there is an option Download a copy of your data on Facebook :

How to permanently delete an account Facebook 5

    Go to the arrow at the top right of the homepageClick Settings> Your information FacebookClick on Download your informationSelect the content that interests you then click Create an archive

Your password will be requested, and you will receive all the data within a period of up to a few hours in your mailbox.

Even if you close your account, your actions, publications, comments, etc., will stay on the social network. So you have to go through an extra step to delete your activity on Facebook. This is a step too often neglected by those who wish to leave the social network.

historical facebook

    See you in your Personal history

erase facebook personal history

    From there, you can delete all your interactions … but one by one!

You read correctly : Facebook does not remove everything at once. By hand, deleting your posts will take about 20 to 30 minutes per activity month. Which can keep you busy for a long time if you are on Facebook for several years. Fortunately, there are Chrome or Firefox extensions to automate this grotesquely laborious task!

For that :

This is where all your posts are. You can display a reduced list of posts to delete using the filters made available by Facebook.

    Click on the icon of Social Book Post Manager in the extensions at the top right of the window of ChromiumChoose All in year and monthIf you're sure you want to delete everything, uncheck the Prescan on page speed boxClick on DeleteWait (the process may take several hours)

We told you, you have 30 days to go back and cancel the deletion or deactivation of an account Facebook. It could not be easier :

    Log in to Facebook

A message will appear and ask you to confirm or cancel the deletion. If you click on the blue button without reading what is displayed, the whole procedure will be automatically canceled without further intervention on your part. Some will say that this complicates the deletion of the account, because it is possible that a person connects to it and cancels the whole procedure without you knowing it. So remember to delete your cookies and your password Facebook of your manager if you want to avoid at all costs that everything is canceled without your knowledge …

We hope this tutorial has been helpful! Do not hesitate to tell us about the difficulties you have encountered – we will update this tutorial based on your feedback.

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