how to personally control the experience in the social network

by Kelvin

That a service like YouTube be so popular does not imply that it is perfect. There is always something to improve and there are always functions or options that I wish we could hide, change or perfect. But if you are not a programmer of YouTubeHow to improve our experience?

In previous articles we have seen dozens of applications, browser extensions and online services focused solely and exclusively on making YouTube. It is clear that the room for maneuver is wide and that the popular video portal is light years from being perfect or, at least, to please everyone.


Next we are going to focus on an extension that stands out by itself. His name is Turn Off The Lights and although its name indicates one of its first outstanding functions, over time it has been incorporating new features to become the ideal extension to take advantage of YouTube and improve our experience watching videos from our PC or Mac.

For every taste

First, we can download for free Turn Off The Lights and install it in virtually any current web browser: Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge… It even works on Maxthon, UC Browser, Brave and in the browser of Yandex, among others. It also has a browser-independent desktop version for Windows and macOS, of course, paid, and version for iPhone and Android, free with some payment features.

how to personally control the experience in the social network 5

That to start. But, in addition to helping us enjoy more and better of YouTube, also gets along with the competition, so we can use their functions in Vimeo, DailyMotion, Netflix and, in short, in any video portal or website with videos that works through HTML5.

And if this cover letter sounds like a bit, let's see everything we can do with Turn Off The Lights.

In the dark or with light

He said at the beginning that one of the first functions of Turn Off The Lights lives up to its name and basically consists of darken the page to better see the video that is playing. To this option, we must add the night mode, so popular lately and that will help us adapt the page on which we are to see it in dark tones, more in line with the darkness we are in when we surf the internet at night.

how to personally control the experience in the social network 6

Pressing a simple button will make that page so white and radiant darken to see it without problems at night. In addition, this function serves for any website, whether or not you have embedded videos, as long as you use CSS, which is usually almost all of the Web in capital letters.

But there is more. Have you tried any TV with technology Ambilight? It is that the TV is illuminated by the edges or behind with the same colors as what you are watching screen. As well. Turn Off The Lights lets recreate this effect in the window of the video we are watching. You will find this option in Options> Visual effects.

Playback control

The basic operation of Turn Off The Lights is to click on its icon in the upper right corner of the browser to darken the page we are on. But from their Options, which we will find by right clicking on its icon, it is possible to activate much more.

At the level of video control, it is possible disable once and for all automatic playback. Yes, YouTube It allows you to deactivate it, but the one you neglect is in operation again. It also works on other websites.

how to personally control the experience in the social network 7

On the other hand, it is possible to customize the behavior of YouTube indicating the quality of the default videos, increase the player, etc. We can also increase the volume a little more than it offers YouTube and add new options to the player. We will find these options in Options> Advanced options.

Another interesting feature of Turn Off The Lights It is the one that allows you to control the reproduction and its other functions through the voice. You will find this in Options> Voice recognition. It serves for different websites, in addition to YouTube, and you can use English, Spanish and other languages.

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