How to pin scores directly to your Android screen

by Kelvin

Smartphones are a small gateway to the world of information, but also beyond that. These days, you can even watch live games on mobile while traveling. Sometimes, even though you really can't because you're busy, you don't have enough data or other reasons. Usually you end up installing the scoring app directly or googling. But Google also allows you to embed scores directly in games like soccer and cricket on the screen of your Android device. And now, it can also do it automatically for you.

If you googled cricket scores, live scores for soccer, NBA, tennis, whatever you want, you may already know about the pinning feature. Like a floating chat bubble or chat head Facebook Messenger, Google placed a small pill on your screen. This pill contains live scores in a small, compact space, which you can monitor regardless of the app you are using. Not only do you score directly from your favorite sport, but you can also insert your favorite website on the home screen of your Android for easy access.


Record scores directly on your Android screen

To get started, first make sure there is a live match to see the score.

  1. If there is, google live results for the matches.
  2. Just below the score, you will see an option to Live scoring pin.
  3. Touch it and you will see a floating pill appear above.
  4. You can then press home or back and the live scoring pill that remains pinned remains. the score is pinned directly to the screen

Just like bubbles or other floating widgets, you can move the scoring pill directly to the most suitable position for you. Dragging it to the bottom of the screen will remove it. Touching it spreads the pill to the card, providing more information about the match. The expanded card also gives you options for Automatically pin the future convenient. This is good for someone who often misses them.

live score notification card

Whenever you are pinned to the Android home screen, you will also see a notification in the notification drawer. However, notifications do not contain information on live scores. This is just an indicator that a live score has been pinned to your screen. A little unnecessary, but rightly so.

The football season has just started and the Cricket season never ends. There are plenty of live games for you, so make sure you stay on top of all the live soccer scores that interest you.

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