Samsung has realized, when designing all models of Galaxy Note 10, that putting the camera aside with a hole in the screen did not look good or liked too much. For that reason, in the Galaxy Note 10, chose to change its location and keep it from centered form but not with a small notch in the form of a drop of water like the other brands, but with its hole on the screen (minimizing what this sensor occupies).


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Following this we have a great design, with a mobile that is practically all screen thanks to its curved sides and a small hole in the middle of the top of the screen. This can be used to leave different indicators around it, such as the one created by the IJP team to put a battery indicator. Many people want to hide the holes on the screen with funds that favor it and others prefer to give it a second use so that it remains visible but attractive. This last idea is what the Energy Ring app looks for. The application can be used in both Galaxy Note 10, as Note 10+ and even in Note 10 with 5G connectivity.

How does Energy Ring work for Galaxy Note 10?

The idea behind Energy Ring is very simple. All it does is take advantage of the space around the selfie camera to create a colorful and uncomfortable bar that allows it to be configured with different functions. The application is also available for other mobile phones of the company such as Galaxy S10 or Galaxy S10 +. In fact, if you used the application in the series Galaxy S10 you will see that the operation is practically the same unlike that it is now compatible with the camera location of the Note 10 / Note 10+ / Note 10 5G

To install Energy Ring you just have to download the application from Google Play Store. Once installed on your phone you will have to grant the corresponding permissions and configure some aspects of the application such as the pixel width that will be used around the camera lens, the direction of the bar, the colors and even the function. The power ring can be used to mark the battery level but also to indicate the power of the CPU used at any time.

All this is achieved. totally free, although there are some extra options that are available by payment.

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