There are games that force you to fine tune all your skills under the pressure of time. Others, however, are mere entertainments that help kill waiting hours, with no greater concern than having a good time. In this second group we find Sandwich !, a fun culinary experience and skill that invites us to build this type of snack. The bigger the better. It's not a real challenge, but it has something that hooks.


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In Sandwich! we just have to worry about put all the food on the table between two slices of bread. Something that is not too complicated along all the levels we have been able to test. Yes, more foods and different ways of presenting them are added. Forcing us to think a little more where to move before closing the sandwich. However, without the stopwatch pressure, we will find little more difficulty. Not even a recipe or a food order complicates things.

But there is a problem that many users are finding in Sandwich !, and which are echoed in the comments of the game download page on Google Play Store. It is neither more nor less than advertising. Invasive ads that are interspersed between levels and that only delay and test our patience. Well, there is a way to play and avoid advertising without paying for it.

Play in airplane mode

The trick is to start the game with the airplane mode of the active terminal. That is to say, first put the mobile in airplane mode, avoiding any type of connection with the outside, and then start Sandwich! In this way you will prevent the application from loading advertising ads, playing level after level without seeing a single ad.

Sandwich! Whithout ads

Of course, keep in mind that advertising is the method of monetizing Sandwich! Or what is the same, the possibility of playing it totally free, without having to scratch your pocket at any time. If we avoid loading advertising, the creators and publishers of the game will not receive benefits for their work. So think twice if you want to take away this benefit instead of pay the 4 euros that the version without advertising costs. Or if you do not prefer to see and click on an ad from time to time.

Also, keep in mind that playing in airplane mode will cause you not to receive messages or calls. Or that other applications on your mobile can work properly without an Internet connection. But everything has a price, even when we talk about free games.

How to protect your privacy

In addition to advertising, you can avoid one of the most common risks in this type of basic games that make a dent among the most popular app stores. And most of them focus on collect data from players and their terminals. Without there being a clear purpose behind it. According to the developers it is to improve the gaming experience and try to collect information of interest to show advertising according to the interests of each player. However, it is known that some companies take advantage of it to sell this data and make some more money. Well, European data protection law protects you, as long as you know how to use it.

How to play safe in Sandwich!

In Sandwich! We will have to go to the cogwheel to display the settings, and enter the Privacy section. When you click, a pop-up window shows all the information that is shared. Browse down to find the button Share Date and disable it. With this, a second pop-up screen appears in which you have to click on the I understand option to confirm the decision not to share our data. After restarting the game you will know that you are having fun in a safe and private way.