Spain is one of the first countries in which Facebook It has released its long-awaited disconnection function: Clear activity history from outside Facebook. A tool with which to root the relationships between your account Facebook and the web pages and applications that at some point link to each other. All this to be able to manage user privacy more efficiently. And it has been demonstrated, thanks to cases such as Cambridge Analytica, which is nothing but a possible door through which to filter and put at risk the user's privacy.


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Now, a year and a half after Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, announce this measure, begins to be present in different countries. Spain, South Korea and Ireland They are the chosen ones. But soon, in the coming months, it will begin to be available to many others. Always trying to bring good functioning to all those. That is why they will take it easy, confirming that the new options work as they should.

Step by Step

The first thing you should do is make sure that the function is available on your terminal. To do this enter Facebook and display the settings on the tab with the three stripes, top right at all. Here you must go down the list until you find the section Settings and privacy, almost at the end. Open it and access the Configuration section.

In this new screen you should look for the section Your information of Facebook. You will find it thanks to the icon of a key, along with four other sections. Among them should be Off-Facebook Activity or Activity outside Facebook. If you have this section inside, the button with the function will be Clear History or Clear History.

Clear history of Facebook

If you still do not have the function you just have to wait. As we say, Facebook is opening the ban to users in Spain, but of gradual way. Making sure everything works as it should. If necessary, check this section to see if this new section appears in the configuration of Facebook.

If you have the Activity section outside of Facebook, you can take a look to all web pages and applications that send information to your account. Do not worry if you see services and websites that you have never accessed. Probably because you used your account Facebook on a computer where another person has searched, for example. Up to that level Facebook It has been able to collect information that other websites and services have been able to know.

Well, just click on the Clear History button so that Facebook Stop collecting your personal data and transmit it to these companies, applications and websites. The good thing is that we can choose the services and applications with which to cut relationships, in case we want to keep the information available to any of them.

What happens if I delete my activity history outside of Facebook

For Facebook The attention now seems to be on the user and on the management he makes of his privacy. Of course, several scandals have been needed for this. That is why he is willing to shake the pillars of some businesses that are based on this social network so that the user can go unnoticed for them. That is, do not collect your information.

Outside activity Facebook

Therefore, according to Facebook, when deleting activity history outside of Facebook the company will eliminate all the identifying information that the applications and web pages choose to send them. They will not know what web pages you visit or what you do on them, and they will not make these tools to display specific advertising on Facebook, Instagram or Facebook Messenger Or at least that's what they claim in their official blog.

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