How to prevent electoral propaganda from reaching the mailbox

by Kelvin
How to prevent electoral propaganda from reaching the mailbox

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Spanish citizens will have to go to the polls again during the next November 10. We talk about nothing more and nothing less than the fourths general elections In just four years.

As expected, many Spaniards are tired of this situation. In this sense, there has even been a viral campaign against waste of political parties in electoral propaganda, users protest on the network with the phrase "Not in my mailbox!".


We come to address this problem in a more practical way. Although many people do not know, there are ways to prevent them from sending us the electoral propaganda to the mailbox From home. We tell you how to do it!

Goodbye to electoral propaganda in your mailbox

With each election the political parties waste millions of euros in electoral propaganda, a totally unnecessary expense from the point of view of many citizens. We also think so, we already receive a lot of propaganda through multiple channels, so we are going to tell you how to stop receiving it in the mailbox.

We anticipate that the process is as simple as possible, although it will be necessary for you to have a digital certificate or the Cl @ ve call that allows you to verify your identity through the network. Next the steps to follow:

1. First of all we will have to access the INE-enabled website for exclusion / inclusion in the electoral propaganda mailing lists. Enter by clicking here.

2. Next you should go to the right zone of the web, where it says "To access". As we said before, there you must identify yourself using your digital certificate or Cl @ ve.

electoral propaganda

3. After identifying yourself correctly you will see a screen where several personal data of yours appear, although what matters to us is the final section "Appearance in copies for political parties". If you receive propaganda in your mailbox you should put "INCLUDED (Default)".

4. You will have to click just below, where it reads "To request inclusion / exclusion in copies for matches click here".

How to prevent electoral propaganda from reaching the mailbox 2

5. In doing so you will see how a picture just where before just put "INCLUDED", although now you can modify status. In our case, we will click on "EXCLUDED" and then in "Send request" to be removed from the list.

Once these steps have been completed, you will stop receiving electoral propaganda in your mailbox. You can also print a proof in which your request is detailed to be excluded.

It should be noted that your request will have a permanent effect, so if, at some point, you want to receive propaganda again, you will have to carry out the process in reverse. We hope we have helped you!