How to prevent iPhone 11 You know where you are all the time

by Kelvin


Before the end of the year, a new controversy shook the office Apple on the Cupertino campus. A security company echoes the problem. privacy in various models iPhone 11 which allows the phone to record the user's location even if the location options are disabled.


In the face of the commotion that formed, the American company promised that options would soon be added to its operating system that would allow the deactivation functions. ultra-broadband location (UWB). What it does is allow the cell phone to continue searching for location information even when creating applications and system services so that this information is never collected from The location. Apple Later I found out that all iPhone 11 models have an ultra-wideband chip, which allows you to work with the location of the device at any time.

This is the latest beta version of the operating system. AppleiOS 13.3.1, which allows the user to revoke this permission to keep iPhone 11 (or other cell phone) in the know where you are at all times.

Where are the new iPhone features?

Apple has actively and passively stated that it does not collect location data using this tool and that inspection UWB they are only made on the device, with data collected only on the terminal, and never fall into the hands Apple. However, analysts and security users are always afraid of that. Apple I collect data while keeping my location active at all times.

So iOS 13.3.1 beta 2 has a new toggle to disable Ultra Wideband.

– Brandon Butch (@BrandonButch) January 17, 2020

For this reason Apple start this new function and save it Wireless network settings. As we have said, currently only those who have the latest beta version of the operating system can access it, but you have to imagine that, sooner rather than later, it will appear in the final version of iOS 13.3.1.

Users can find options for 100% of phone locations are unoccupied in Settings> Privacy settings> Location services> System services. Here, iPhone users can find the option for wireless network networks and when enabled, a message appears: "Disabling network and wireless locations may affect the performance of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Ultra Wideband."

If you want to be able to use this function and not wait Apple Add iOS 13 updates in the future, you just need to install beta operating system on iPhone 11iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Tu Max Pro.