How to prevent spam from invading your Google Calendar

by Kelvin
How to prevent spam from invading your Google Calendar

If you are a Google Calendar user it is possible that in recent days you have been affected by an insufferable wave of spam that is appearing within user calendars.

This is a series of deceptive campaigns that take advantage of an automatic Google calendar feature to fill the application of notifications to fake events, these try to take you to click on links of doubtful origin and potentially malicious.


Why this happens and how do I avoid it

Apparently, anyone can send you an email containing an invitation to an event, and even regardless of whether that email goes to your spam tray, Google Calendar adds the event automatically, regardless of the email content containing spam or links to worse things.

Google Calendar spam Capture of my Google calendar invaded by SPAM events

In recent days it seems that this technique has gained more popularity, this servant in fact, woke up with a whole week in your calendar invaded by notifications to fake prizes to claim and I had to resort to the wisdom of the web to find the solution.

How to avoid spam in Google Calendar

To prevent your calendar from being filled with SPAM you will have to change a couple of settings in your Google Calendar, disabling options that, honestly, Google should disable by default.

  • First you need to go to and click on the nut-shaped icon at the top right to go to the Configuration
  • Once on the Settings page you should look for the option Event Settings in the menu on the left
  • Look for the option that says Add events automatically and change the setting to "No, show only the invitations I have answered":

Google Calendar settings

Although this would ideally be enough, you also need to prevent any event sent to Gmail from automatically ending in your Google calendar. To do this you just have to navigate a little further down in the same configuration panel.

Google Calendar events

Look for the option "Automatically add Gmail events to my calendar"and uncheck the box. You will see a warning message saying that events will no longer be added automatically from your email and that the previous ones will be deleted.

You can also uncheck the box "Show rejected events"If you do not want to see old spam invitations that you have received and rejected. This is not necessary, but clean your calendar a bit if spam is something that has been bothering you for some time.

After following these steps all spam events will have disappeared from your calendar. For some this may result in a simple nuisance, if you synchronize your native calendar app with the Google calendar, you can find a shower of horrible notifications as in the cover image of this article, but if you are more naive you can end up doing click on some of those malicious links.

If you know someone who uses Google's calendar a lot and may be susceptible to falling for these scams, share this information with them.